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Air Conditioning & Heating Installation

Custom Installations

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Eatons Hill

QLD, 4037

Eatons Hill,

QLD, 4037

Custom Installations

Custom installation of all range hoods and dryer ducting. We Do it right according to regulations and pride ourselves in a quality finish and open communications.

Here is some information to help you understand the way Custom Installations can help you solve the problem of ducting your rangehood or dryer.

Why duct your rangehood or dryer?

Rangehood Ducting

Eliminate cooking smells and fat deposits in your kitchen. Rancid fat collects on top of the cupboards creating a perfect environment for cockroaches to breed and making it difficult to keep clean. In the past many range hoods were ducted into the ceiling space causing a fire hazard. Now the Australian Building code and Fire regulations legislate that range hoods must be either recycling back into the room or ducted through to outside. Ducting is the preferred solution because you will never have to purchase filters worth $60 to $80 annually.

Dryer Ducting

When a dryer is not ducted it re-breathes its own hot, moist air which makes it a very slow and costly operation to dry your clothes. Ducting the dryer to outside is the simple solution.

Why choose Custom Installations?

We have all the tools. After the first few hundred installations we learned exactly what makes the process efficient and neat.

We arrive on time. We understand you may have taken time off from your schedule to meet us so we will be there for you. Communication is important to us and well let you know if weve been delayed.

We supply all the necessary materials. When we start your job we have everything in our work truck to complete your installation. Thats why we ask a lot of questions about your job before we arrive. You may be asked by a retailer to buy their bits of ducting but until they have seen you job they dont know what you need. We have all their items in our trucks anyway.

We leave a professional finish. We are usually the last trade on site when your kitchen is being completed and we leave it as if we had never been there. Once the rangehood installation is finished youre ready to cook!

So check out our website
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OVER 7 years AGO

Nice service, give notice before arrival. Friendly and good advice on the installation. Excellent value for money. Very professional for the dusted ranged installation. Highly recommended.

OVER 9 years AGO

Wow Imagine getting a tradesman that arrived on time did a craftsman style job cleaned up after themself delivered waht was promised and completed my range hood installation in under 2 hours. Well Done

OVER 8 years AGO

I was very impressed with the level of good old fashoned service offered.

I recieved a competitave quote, good advice and they even left the place spotless!

Great work..


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