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E.T Testing & Tagging

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E.T Testing & Tagging

E.T Testing & Tagging provides a service to protect your business and to comply with all OHS&W legislations. Providing you with a safe workplace. Dont Risk it - Test it!

Why should I test and tag our
electrical equipment?

Firstly to protect you, your family, workers and assets from, injury, death, destruction and fire!

Secondly OHS&W legislation and regulations requires
you to provide a safe workplace.

Thirdly Severe penalties apply for not complying which will incur heavy fines, held liable for death or injury and affect your insurance cover as well as downtime/closure of your business.

Electricity is one of the most
dangerous risks as you cannot see, hear, smell or sense it. Only testing can identify a problem or future problem. Dont risk it test it!

What needs to be tested in my

All plug-in electrical equipment 240volt and 3 phase. Any appliance that has a flexible cord that plugs into a power
outlet needs to be tested regularly to ensure that the appliance is electrically safe. For example, office equipment, computers, extension leads, welders, heaters, coolers,
power tools, etc and also portable or fixed residual current devices (safety switches).

What does E.T Testing and
Tagging do for me?

Visual inspection of the device - the lead, plug and connections.

Appliance tested for unseen electrical faults.

These tests include; insulation resistance; earth continuity; earth routine or earth bond; polarity and
earth leakage.

Record Keeping

Full asset register of all passed and failed items.

It also gives you a full asset list of assets for loss or theft purposes.

How much does it cost?

E.T Testing and Tagging charges per test. Cost per tag depends on number of tags and type of job.
(approx $4-$5)
Long term becomes a very cheap insurance policy for your business.

Will I lose power while testing?

Yes, but only to that appliance being tested.

We need to turn off and unplug each appliance before we can test but only for a short time.

To test R.C.D. Safety Switches you will lose power to those power points protected by the R.C.D. again only for a short
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