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Gas Supply


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17 John Fraser Pl

Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444


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Aussie c
10 months AGO

Hello, I am with Egas as well,
don't go the 2 tanks it cost you money on the rental of the second unit,
just get the tank that can be filled up@ your house, they come around and top the gas up in the tank every few months, so you will never run out!!! just request this service, hope this helps,
no company is perfect I say but this is a good solution of when you run out of gas the normal way!!

Aussie Battlers
OVER 2 years AGO

I have a disability and when i asked your company to collect my gas bottles you offered no help at all! I had to make countless calls to get a response from you to book collection and was then told to move my own 45kg bottles to front of my house and you might get them otherwise i have to move them again! WORST company i have ever dealt with your a disgrace

Aussie c
OVER 3 years AGO

HI I have been with Elgas for 1 year then my tank ran out on a Friday opps ! Wrong day to run out I did not get any gas until Monday, there should be a reading on the tank to tell you how low the gas is after all we do live in modern times
After this experience I want to change to all electric after all it's only used for hot water!!
Why do builders put in new homes a gas system that is so behind in times makes no sense to me, with this type of customer service LPG is not the way to go sorry.

Pete Wincott
10 months AGO

Aussie c, this is an unfair review on Elgas and LPG in general. There is currently no practical method of measuring contents with a guage like scuba tanks, etc., as the pressure in LPG tanks remains constant until empty. Unlike pressurise air which does change, LPG is a liquid and does not. Your best set-up is to have 2 tanks and run off 1 tank. When this runs empty, switch over to the other and then re-order a fresh tank. To measure how much LPG is left, run your hand down the cylinder and you'll feel the temprature change where the LPG is at or run hot water down the side and feel with your hand. Google is your friend!


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