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Medical Centres

Family Practice at Kallangur

15 Reviews
(07) 3204 4222

1380 Anzac Ave

Kallangur, QLD, 4503

1380 Anzac Ave

Kallangur, QLD, 4503

Family Practice at Kallangur

Your Quality Bulk Billing Medical Centre

For us patient care is at the heart of our mission and we actively work towards a standard of care that is compassionate, personal and respectful of patients and their families. Our bulk-billed services also make healthcare accessible to everyone, without compromising quality.

Our after-hours minor trauma centre has also enabled us to support the health and welbeing of the greater community by offering a hospital alternative to those requiring urgent and after-hours care. There is no need to travel to and wait at the hospital now; we are there for you.

We'll take great care of you and your family.
Call us today for an appointment.
Walk-in priority from 6pm.

*Please Note: Appointments can not be booked via email or general
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  • Immunisations


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OVER 3 years AGO

I really had a bad experience at this place. I was told to get my son a tetanus shot after he lost his tooth at the playground. I was worried sick what is gonna happen to my son so I waited patiently for almost 3 hours late night only to be treated with disrespect by this asian doctor and judging me about his vaccination history. After she got me so upset she didn't do anything so I just walk away fuming!

OVER 4 years AGO

Been there a couple of times, one Dr was rude, asked me all these questions about other things rather than what i was there for. I ask not to see him now. And would be good to see a list of Doctors somewhere so we can make a decision who we would like to see.

OVER 4 years AGO

Hi Cecc,

You might like to know that a list of doctors was recently added to the Family Practice website. It also lists their availability to make planning your appointment easier. You can view the list here

OVER 4 years AGO

Thanks for that.

OVER 5 years AGO

I visted today to a Abigail female doctor who didn't care why I was in there and who only wanted to talk about her family after asking her a question on cheaking for Brest cancer she told me I should ask my mother about 10 mins after I told her my mother died of cancer a year ago I walked out and went to the nearest doctors to have a doctor who would wanna talk about me not her self and give me a history lesson about the 1950 like come on I'm in my 20's who cares

OVER 6 years AGO

First time going. All reception staff wonderful except one! Pity one bad apple has ruined what would have been a good experience. Very rude, instead of speaking to guide you to the right direction, stares blankly and simply points without uttering a word! Very disappointed to see such awful behavior from a mature person. Wait time however was very short, sat there for perhaps less than 10 minutes!

The Family Practice
OVER 6 years AGO

Hello Grace,

We are very sorry hear about your experience, and that one receptionist could cause so much dissatisfaction. We do strive to provide the best quality service possible, so we will remind each of our staff members the impact their behaviour and attitudes have on patient experience.

Should you wish to make a formal complaint against the receptionist, you can call our practice on 3204 4222 and speak to the Practice Manager Michelle. Without more information it is difficult for us to follow up the complaint any further.

We do hope this incident does not keep you from returning, as we would very much like to prove to you that patient care is the heart of our mission.

Kind regards


OVER 7 years AGO

for a bulk billing practice that is always fully booked and flat out busy they do extremely well.

yes I can sit there for an hour or 2, but when I was in serious pain and really needed attention they were great

as far as being rude, I fail to see it. in my experience its usually the customer or patient that is rude and complains about staff because they don't get they want


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