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Foot Posture Centre

4 Reviews
(03) 9499 2006


VIC, 3079


VIC, 3079

Foot Posture Centre

Relieve foot pain naturally without Orthotics. Free your feet from orthotics and foot & leg pain

Foot Posture Centre specialises in achieving dramatic improvements with natural corrective podiatry, which strengthens and straightens feet using foot mobilisation & exercises. This much sought after process is unique within Victoria, highly effective and surprisingly affordable.

The foot is subject to tremendous amount of stresses during walking and running. The ground reaction force can be upwards of 3 times body weight when walking and 7 times body weight when running. If the joints within the foot are subluxed (mis-aligned) this places added stress to the ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints, making the foot and leg vulnerable to pathological (painful) conditions. Lower limb subluxation can cause a miriade of problems.
These are just some of the conditions we treat at Foot Posture Centre
Flat Feet
Heel Spurs/Heel Pain
Plantar Fasciitis/Arch Pain
High Arched Feet
Big Toe Joint Pain
Claw Toes
Ball of Foot Pain/Metatarsal Pain
Neuroma Mid - Foot Pain
Ankle Pain/Ankle Instability
Achillies Tendonitis
Tired/Aching Legs
Shin Splints
Stress Fractures of the Foot & Legs
Knee Pain
Hip Pain
Lower Back Pain

Flat feet, rolled ankles and high arches can be corrected naturally.
Remember, "Prevention is better than cure"

Get checked TODAY!
A lifetime of joyous physical activity depends on healthy joints!

Come to one of our Workshops to learn in 30 minutes about:

1.The actions that cause joints to seize up.
2.How to tell if you will get arthritis.
3.Simple steps for active people to prevent joint wear & tear.
Our Corrective Podiatrist will present critical factors that EVERY health conscious person MUST know for lifelong flexbility and mobility!

Every 2nd & 4th Week of the Month

Claude Tobgui
217 Upper Heidelberg Rd
Ivanhoe Vic 9499
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(03) 9499 2006

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OVER 3 years AGO

In less than 12 months of treatment with podiatrist Claude, I am now orthotic free and pain free, thanks to the work of podiatrists at the foot posture centre.

OVER 4 years AGO


Went to see Claude at the Ivanhoe Foot Posture Centre for bunions and very flat feet. Had tried orthotics with limited success previously. Following a comprehensive assessment including xrays, a treatment plan was made for me to follow, consisting of regular adjustments with Claude and (essential daily home exercises!!!) after 6 months of consistent effort and following the program, I have had excellent results. I now have arches in my feet, my feet have improved in shape and appearance and my symptoms of bunions have greatly improved. Claude is extremely happy with results as am I!!!
All staff friendly, helpful and cheerful. Would highly recommend Claude for his expertise!!! Many Thanks, Heather H

OVER 7 years AGO

I began seeing Claude at the Foot Posture Centre late last year as I have always experienced shin pain whenever I attempted to run or even walk fast. This was impacting me in a number of ways, one being the inability to enter into fun run events with friends. I am proud and happy to report that I just completed the Melbourne Tough Mudder event in September 2013 which required around 20kms of running. All that with no shin pain at all thanks to Claude! Rather than just give in and rely on orthotics, Claude began treatment by correcting the way I stand, then the way I walk, then finally incorporating all those learning's into the way I run. The process has not been difficult or painful, and Claude has been very helpful explaining everything along the way. If you are experiencing any foot, leg or even lower back pain I would suggest you at least visit Claude to get a diagnosis. Thanks again Claude and team.

OVER 8 years AGO

I have had severe lower back pain for some 25 yrs. I had tried everything under the sun and did not want to take medication and be confined to bed when unable to move any longer, as I was only approaching my 40's. In saying that though it was my orthotics that bought me to the clinic. I can now honestly say the program the clinic set out for me has not only remedied my misshapen sore feet, but in correcting my foot posture, my knees, legs, hips and thus back are now working correctly and NO MORE back pain. A miracle, probably not, just a great doctor, a fantastic plan and perseverance. A big thank you to the clinic for all you've done!!! Note to self, things are looking up maybe I won't have to have both knees replaced with steel ones like my mother at the ripe 'ol age of 53!!!


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