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G A Clearance Centre

6 Reviews

2 Gordon Luck Ave

Altona North, VIC, 3025

G A Clearance Centre

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Paula Sewell
OVER 7 years AGO

Wow, wow, wow, is there anything they dont have..... I am going back to see what I didnt have time to check out. Amazed how big and affordable and great items the centre has...

Jamie McDo
OVER 8 years AGO

Fairly decent furniture I bought plus a few other ancillarys. Great prices and good people to deal with. Was a regular customer when they were in the city too.

OVER 8 years AGO

rude and nasty i have been going there for years and today at 4.50 i went and had the door closed in my face to be them as what i was getting would have been a $3000 sale but instead other store got the money never in my life have i been treated in such disrespect i was so upset they seen us pull up and run to close the door in our faces with ten minutes to spare before closing we thaught to load a pallet of tools would be the best time to get them but i would have paid triple price to have been treated with respect

OVER 9 years AGO

Fantastic service - I received two new bar stools for Christmas for GA Clearance centre and had trouble putting them together. The gentleman in the furniture section took the time out of his busy day to assemble the bar stools for me.

Great service and I bought a new outdoor setting on my next visit. Lots of great items at bargain prices to be found here.

Really Mad
OVER 12 years AGO

Bought this electrical appliance, broke down way BEFORE the warranty expires, and they took ages to get a technician to come and repair it under warranty, technician told me that they don't get paid well for doing it, so they refused to come over to check and find out what the problem was, just made me wait 2 whole month for replacement parts based on their assumption, which turned out to be wrong! Then a replacement was organised, and I was charged delivery fee for replacing it! The replacement came, but the replaced appliance never worked from the very first day, always says error, error, and more error...

Should never buy from there, it may be cheap, but the quality needs to be questioned, as well as their after sale service.


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