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Gumshara Ramen

8 Reviews

25-29 Dixon St

Haymarket, NSW, 2000

Gumshara Ramen

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(02) 9000 0000 0410 253 180
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local star
666 Reviews
6 months AGO

I had heard so much about this restaurant – and I finally made it here. There was a HUGE queue, which proves how popular it is. I waited about 10 minutes to order my ramen, and then waited just over 30 minutes for the ramen to arrive. I went off the staff member’s recommendation of trying No. 6 – The garlic Tonkotsu Ramen. This ramen had a very thick soup – it was unlike any ramen I had tasted before. It was different, but still delicious.

Review to win entry OVER a year AGO

This is such a belated blog/dedication to my love for Gumshara. I will admit it's not for everyone. Their thick broth (though customisable by request) is just too gravy like for some.... but for me.. it's a lil bowl of heaven. The reason for my latest revisit besides normally for their standard Tonkotsu Ramen, is the introduction of Back Fat on the menu. I obviously don't care enough about my heart or waistline, so I ordered their Level 2 Fatty. When it came out, it reminded of gruel or vomit... but nothing pleasant. The first initial few spoonful were interesting. It added such a creamier texture to the thick broth but slowly became sickening. The gimmick itself is worth a try but I wouldn't be trying to slam down these on a regular basis. In saying that, as standard Gumshara offers great customer service, lots of self serve sides and ramen that rivals most in Sydney. I would still go back to Gumshara any day to satisfy my ramen cravings.. but I might give the scoop of heart attack a miss.

OVER a year AGO

Having a hot bowl of ramen during winter is much satisfying!

local star
210 Reviews
Review to win entry OVER a year AGO

Gumshara has a distinguish broth, the intense marrow flavours of the stock is said to bring out your beautiful skin will collagen. For most people may not like the intense marrow flavours so you can ask them to add a lighter broth to lessen the bold marrow flavours.

OVER 3 years AGO

Gumshara was another lingerer on my #ToEatList, and the experience did not disappoint! I ordered the Super Mega Ramen ($25), which is basically ramen with the lot. The bowl consisted of ramen, egg, seaweed, thin pork slices, spare rib and BBQ pork skewer in a thick tonkotsu soup. The meat and soup were so tasty! I could not finish the huge serving, but staff provided takeaway containers. I'll most definitely return!


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