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Hatzi Jewellers

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Hatzi Jewellers

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Mitch S
OVER 3 years AGO

I bought my diamond from one of the diamond specialists in Sydney CBD and was quoted $1,500 for the engagement ring. After reading reviews online, I emailed Hatzi Jewellers and received a reply not long after so I called the shop and spoke to George. I went in to the shop and told him what I was looking for and he quoted me $900 for my handmade white gold Tiffany style ring. Hatzi Jewellers is a small, family owned business and the guys there are great. They are easy going, no 'b.s' sales kind of guys. They were very helpful in choosing my design and had the ring to me in a couple of weeks (I didn't need it urgently). I am very happy and would recommend them to anyone looking for all kinds of jewellery.

OVER 4 years AGO

I have just picked up my engagement ring from George and Michael from Hatzi Jewellers, and couldn't wait to get on-line to share my fantastic experience I had with them. I had done a bit of research on-line and also by visiting various retail stores around Sydney so knew a little about diamonds and ring prices already when I contacted Hatzi's. Hatzi's designs (looking at the pictures on their website) stood out from the rest so I contacted them for a quote for a diamond, engagement ring and a wedding band for both my partner and I. I already had a good idea of what I wanted in the diamond specs and was already happy with a quote I had received elsewhere so mentioned that I am happy to use a diamond from somewhere else or if he has anything better I could go with that. Because Hatzi's make jewellery on their premises, they are able to customise the rings to suit your needs so I thought the price would be higher. When I got the quote back I was extremely happy with the prices for both the diamond and ring so decided to go to the shop to meet and discuss exactly what I had in mind. On visiting the shop, George helped me create my very own ring that had specs that were exactly the way i had envisioned. There is something very special about being able to discuss your ring with the very person who is going to make your ring - unlike a sales person in a jewellery store who cares more about selling you an item they have. George was an excellent communicator throughout the process, and he really made me feel comfortable in every communication we had through email and phone. I first found Hatzi on-line and because I was communicating via email at the beginning, I was warned by friends about how some businesses can be dishonest, however I can assure you that Hatzi is not one of them! So please don't shy away! Hatzi's Jewellers is a family owned business, operating for over two generations. The craftsmanship is top quality and the service and advice is priceless. Not only that, I know that I got an extremely good price for the beautiful rings. When I picked up the rings today and saw the retail valuation of my ring I was so surprised!! When I asked why my ring is worth so much more, they explained that It is because they are a wholesaler. If you go to Hatzi Jeweller, you will pay what the shops pay when they buy jewellery for their own store!! I am so glad I didn't shy away from the fact that they hand make the rings /tailor make the rings, thinking the price would be higher. I recommend this shop to anyone who knows what they want already or even (like in my partners case choosing a mens ring) someone who benefited greatly by talking about designs with the actual ring maker!! Thank you so much for such a gorgeous ring. You guys are just so lovely, and you really made my day!

OVER 4 years AGO

Great service. Great price. Very informative. Very helpful. All round perfect. Would definitely recommend and will return for future purchases.

Adrian Cola
OVER 4 years AGO

Very pleased with my purchase from Hatzi Jewellers. Top Jewellers. Very fast and friendly. Will recommend to all.

Ruby Hearts
OVER 4 years AGO

Bought my beautiful ring from hatzi jewellers, and i absolutley love it. I have never seen such an exqusite and well crafted ring in my life. All the staff looked after me with incredible service and were extremely happy to help. I would recommend them to everyone looking for the perfect ring. Amazing jewellers that gave me an amazing experience and ring.