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Hero Of Waterloo Hotel

8 Reviews
(02) 9252 4553

81-83 Lower Fort Ft

Millers Point, NSW, 2000

81-83 Lower Fort Ft

Millers Point, NSW, 2000

Hero Of Waterloo Hotel

My, my at Waterloo... Yes, the Hero of Waterloo Hotel in Millers Point is an establishment that draws on the legend of Napoleon. Established over 160 years ago, this pub is steeped in history. Enjoy live music sessions throughout the week, including the infamous Irish jam sessions. If you are hungry, the bar menu serves traditional, hearty pub fare such as bangers and mash.

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(02) 9252 4553


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local star
207 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

Great little pub tucked away off the beaten track.

Worth a visit? You betcha.

I had no idea this little gem existed, mostly because I always just did the pub crawl down the main drag of the rocks and never up. Well now there's a reason to go up!

They do ciders, ales and beers... they have cute little pew seats (how can you say no?)

And there's an underground cellar where we were serenaded by fellow friends who were playing the piano. Or whatever the older version is called.

There's a great story about how this pub was used to smuggle people off into the sea to be used as sailors ... You should go ask about it.

All in all though, they have alcohol, history, pews and an awesome view of the harbour. What more could you ask for?

Miss Forster
local star
379 Reviews
Review to win entry OVER 4 years AGO

The Hero of Waterloo is steeped in history, which you can experience for yourself if you are nice to the owner as he is keen to share stories, fun facts and show off the downstairs cellar to deserving patrons. The place is always buzzing, especially on public holidays such as Anzac Day where you can barely move. Weekends there is live music, which creates a fun atmosphere. This place is a good local joint to sit and relax in and learn a bit about the history of the Rocks area.

Mega Book Lover
local star
1849 Reviews
OVER 4 years AGO

Apparently this is another of those pubs that try to claim to be Sydney's earliest, though I find that difficult to accept since Waterloo happened in 1815 and I'm sure there were pubs in Sydney before then. Anyway, this is a pretty cool pub, namely because it is really, really old, and the interior shows it. In fact it has a much more realistic feel of a quaint English pub that do many of the other so called English pubs scattered around Australia have. Mind you, it is a pretty popular pub, so you may have difficulty finding a seat, though I eventually found one in the restaurant area. The prices are pretty good, and they have a decent selection of beers available, though as I've suggested, it does get crowded, especially on a Friday. They do have food available, but once again, since I'd already eaten, I wasn't able to have a good look at their menu, though I don't mind coming in here for a quick drink. Oh, for some really interesting facts about this place make sure you ...read more

local star
520 Reviews
OVER 8 years AGO

Great pub! It's still in it's original condition, sandstone walls, timber bar.. Really nice place.

OVER 12 years AGO

Excellent old styled pub with a laid back feel. Definitely a place to enjoy a pint or two of Guinness. Not a massive venue so I'd imagine it gets quite packed on the weekends. I found it a welcome respite from the always packed venues surrounding and in the Rocks.


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