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Hungry Jack's

7 Reviews

Cnr Safety Bay Rd &, Baldivis Rd

Baldivis, WA, 6171

Hungry Jack's

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  • Hungry Jack''s
  • Hungry Jack's
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Christian M
OVER 2 years AGO

Stuffed our order up, then I was accused by the manager for trying to scam him out of a free burger. Manager has no customer service skills, swore at me on the phone and in front of customers when I went back for a refund.

OVER 3 years AGO

Worst feed I've had yet. Three day old chips cooked in old stinky oil and an incinerated piece of cardboard for a patty on a flakey dry bun. Didn't even attempt to put the pickle in the burger. There was five pickle pieces sitting in the burger box and a schooner of sauce on one half of the bun and nothing anywhere else.
I just think myself lucky I didn't find a ball hair. I feel bad for rating them half a start because that's too much.

OVER 3 years AGO

Disgusting service. On Wednesday night at around 9pm on drive through a 'manager' was so rude to us for no reason other than being in a fowl mood. She kept cutting us off telling me they don't do soda water .. when I had successfully ordered it twice before this week and when we got to drive through she handed both bags to us while facing the other way and didn't say a word.. all while my friend kept saying 'excuse me..' because she had forgotten something in our order. When someone else came to the window and we let them know they had forgotten something in our order the manager grabbed the last bag and again faced the other way, this time started talking and passed it to us without an apology or without saying anything. We experienced the same service at hungry Jacks in another suburb years ago and a new HJ's opened 5 minutes down the road, making the old one a ghost town. I hope this happens here too because they don't deserve customers if they ...read more

OVER 4 years AGO

Unfortunately this isn't a happy review.
My partner and I just had a quick dinner here. I had to use the ladies so while he was ordering off i went. Bit surprised to find the toilet walls and floor with a build up of a bit of everything, I mean even snott and something i can assume was a number two!! I can understand if they had a few messy customers, however unfortunately you can see that is not the case, its been building up for a while the grime is everywhere.
After seeing all of this, i looked closer at the dining tables, Not one was clean! Very questionable if a fast food restaurant thinks this is acceptable???
Next time I have a chance, I will take some photos. I can only hope they've improved by then.

Ryan Sojan
OVER 6 years AGO

I got a large whopper with cheese and the chips tasted like they were 3 days old and the whopper patty was a clump of charcoal that's how burnt they were first time going there and the last time going there


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