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Department Stores


42 Reviews

Rhodes Shopping Centre, 1 Oulton Ave

Rhodes, NSW, 2138


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(02) 8002 0400
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tasha j
local star
127 Reviews
OVER a year AGO

I wish Sydney had more Ikeas but this one is the most convenient to go to if you live in the west. Parking in Rhodes has become more difficult with more and more development but usually on a weekday it isn't too bad and is free for 3 hours I believe. This Ikea, I would say, is the same size as others I've been to, and of course it has the confusing map that makes you walk through the whole store. Ikea is great for cheap, flat pack furniture and household utensils, but don't be expecting excellent quality. I also recommend their hot dogs, tasty and cheap at only $1 each! And if you aren't an Ikea member yet, sign up for discounted prices on set items, member only offers and discounted food in the cafe.

local star
772 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

Lots of home inspiration to be found, and they seem to update the displays fairly regularly. I find it's generally quieter in the evenings if you like to browse without the crowds.

local star
451 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

I'm glad they built an IKEA closer to where I live, as this store gets out of control busy. It becomes more of a frustrating experience as you have to dodge so many people and families. I love what the store sells but it's not worth it unless you're going mid-week where there's less crowds.

local star
1714 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

Not too crowded if you come late Sunday afternoon. Also seems to have more parking at Rhodes shopping centre at this time too. You can spend hours here just admiring all the displays, it is amazing how well presented everything looks despite hundreds of people walking through and touching everything. A few things that surprised me, they sell live orchids, they have real cow hide rugs and water is only $1 if you are an ikea member.
We bought a few things including a highchair, a rug and some other random home accessories. Things are cheap but it all seems to add up.
Really enjoyed it here I think because it was dramatically less crowded than what I was expecting.

local star
1200 Reviews
OVER 3 years AGO

You get what you pay for .
So much of the furniture splits or swells in a short space of time, oh, mind the coffee table, water will enter it as they don't use the proper edges like a professional cabinet maker would. Still it suits a purpose (temp
Accommodation or when you're on a tight budget). The things to put on top of a desk are better quality and the self serve area is good as is the self serve checkouts.


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