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NSW, 2000


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local star
282 Reviews
8 months AGO

Worst ecperience ever. At the end you get what you pay for..... we did fly from Sydney to Ayers Rock and the plane felt old and uncomfortable. No on board entertainment and luggage was extra zo be paid. Same as seat reservation. We paid $28 for allocated seats as we wanted to see Uluru before landing and at check in we habe been told our seats are not available. I am still going back and forward to get a refund for a not received service. Overall not worth the saving. Only will fly Qantas again!

Miss Forster
local star
379 Reviews
Review to win entry OVER a year AGO

Jetstar is exactly what you would expect from a budget airline. You really do get what you pay for. The flights are fine and the staff are always nice and you don't pay premium prices for the experience. However, if you want to change your flight it is near impossible, expect to be on hold for 40minutes or longer, pay at least an extra $200 and run into issues at the airport because the change hasn't been processed properly. Do not expect any form of luxury whilst travelling with Jetstar but expect to be relatively comfortable and taken care of by the staff.

local star
1351 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

We just flew to Hawaii on an unbeatable and unbelievable deal. $1380 for two adults and a baby return including luggage. The flight was on time, the plane was beautifully refurbed and a smooth flight.

local star
1209 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

Ive utilise Jetstar quite frequently in the last 6 months traveling across Asia. Both the Australian office and Jetstar Pacific alliance group. I agree that they are relatively well position the market with their aggressive pricing and discounting compared to their competitors. However, in terms of customer services, Im not certain if I can put my hands up to say they have the best customer service team available. In saying that Ive come across some team members who have been great in finding a solutions, while others I question their product knowledge and their ability to be able to assist customers. In a recent trip overseas from Australia to one of the South East Asian destination I required a basinet, which was all good and booked. On the return flight this was not available and was advised it was fully booked out. Closer to my return, I was advised that it wasnt booked out, however they could not book a return as they only allow customers 1 bassinet per trip ...read more

Amanda Cassar
local star
1733 Reviews
OVER 3 years AGO

Always a mixed bag when flying Jetstar. Often know as LateStar for a very good reason. Staff on board are friendly, but it isn't the most comfortable airline, so I always pay extra for legroom. They're much more likely to weigh hand luggage too. Had one booking made and paid for that they swore I never had and had to fight for months to get a refund, or the higher amount from the second booking as they only wanted to refund the lower amount. Sometimes, travel just shouldn't be this hard.


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