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Kelly Hair & Nails

17 Reviews

2, 264 Queen St

Campbelltown, NSW, 2560

Kelly Hair & Nails

Hair, Nails, Body Piercing & Beauty Services

Hair, Nails, Body Piercing & Beauty Services
* Body Piercings - Grade 316L Surgical Stainless Steel or G23 Titanium.
* Dermal Anchors & Skin Divers - G23 Titanium.
* We only use single use sterile disposable piercing needles and biopsies.
* All Piercing Procedures complies with NSW Health Department skin penetration guidelines.
* 100% Human Hair
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  • Naval
  • Body Jewellery
  • Microdermil
  • Anchoring
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  • Safety Standard Approved
  • Health Registered

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10 months AGO

I wont be going there ever again. I went to have my hair dyed a slightly different shade of brown then it already was and even showed them pictures of what i wanted just to be sure. They put what felt like cooking oil all over my face and dyed it blue/grey. I told them thats not what i asked for and wasnt happy so she dyed it a second time. After she dyed it and it was still blue i asked why it was blue and her reply, a supposed hairdresser said 'dont worry, it'll wash out'. Im pretty sure lighter colours dont wash out and fade to a darker colour... They then made me pay and when i went back to complain to the manager the next day after having to see my regular hairdresser to fix the problem, the manager yelled at me and refused to give me a refund saying i should have gone back there to have the problem corrected. She also refused to show me the hairdresser's certificate of qualification making me doubt she is actually qualified.

OVER a year AGO

DO NOT GO HERE! A month ago I made the mistake of getting my hair done at this place, which resulted in a disaster. I had never dyed my hair before and I very rarely got it cut other than occasional trims to keep my hair healthy. My hair was just below my waist and I went into this hair salon for a change. Nothing too extreme, i asked for a hairstyle similar to ombr but I only wanted the bottom half of my hair coloured. I also asked for a brown colour, not blonde. As the lady began to colour my hair and apply foils, I had no idea what she was doing as I have never had experience with colouring my hair before. Naturally, I assumed she knew what she was doing. After the foils were applied, I was told that I would have to keep them in for 45 minutes. 5 MINUTES AFTER BEING TOLD THIS MY HAIR STARTED TO BURN AND THEIR WAS STEAM COMING FROM THE FOILS!!!! I immediately told the lady as my hair began to burn and I was rushed to the sink to have it washed out ...read more

OVER a year AGO

I wish I had seen this review before I went there. Seems to me the people working there are grossly incompetent and have no idea what they're doing. I bet they didn't even apologise. Mine went blue and they never once said sorry, they just said wash it a few times and it will fade. What a joke! I asked to see the woman's certificate saying she was a qualified hairdresser and she said it wasn't on the premises... Sounds to be like she isn't qualified to touch people's hair

OVER 3 years AGO

This place is excellent. Good service the piercer explained everything thoroughly every time. I had my septum tragus and tongue all done here and today was my cheek dermal. So far so good, touch wood, all healed well.

OVER 3 years AGO

Good service, but I got my industrial pierced there less than a month ago and it is very red itchy swollen and infected I have wasted $90 on a piercing I will never be having done again the pain is excruciating Will not be going to this place ever again !!!??

enkay elle
OVER 3 years AGO

This place is very inconsistent. One time they did my eyebrows beautifully and for that price I was laughing but then I went back and not only were my eyebrows noticeably uneven I had bad burn marks on my brow bones. I went to get my nails done and they hardly lasted a week. Regrettably I wanted to give them one more shot to see if maybe they could style my hair. Went in for a wash, cut and straighten, the girl washed my hair then straightened my hair and then cut my hair! ?! I have never had that done before and I walked out with blunt layers that weren't blended. So in each avenue they were a let down. I am definitely not game to see if their piercings are any good.


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