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Mark Adam Wilson
OVER 4 years AGO

This place is a joke they never get your order right and they run out of chicken thats 4 times now all the time went there tonight at 730 and they have run out of wicked wings this time haha what a joke ao i went to the reynella store and they told me they cook them.every 30 mins weak aberfoyle very weak

OVER 5 years AGO

This is the worst KFC. I live here 5 years, everytime I give them another chance its stale and disgusting and they stuff up the order every time, and they never provide any straws serviette etc. Just the food and if you get sauce count yourself lucky.

Matt Hogan
OVER 7 years AGO

Worst KFC in the world.

Never eating here again. A piece of chicken slightly larger than a chicken nugget does not satisfy the minimum serve for 'one piece' of chicken.

very poor service everytime I have been. Never again.


Matt Hogan
OVER 9 years AGO

So sick of not getting my correct order.

Avoid this 'restaurant' and go to the one at Marion.

Rang and complained. I can get a free chips next time. Wow.

Last time they had no potato gravy and I got to choose chips or coleslaw. What am I going to do with 9 packets of chips... Could I get some chicken instead? No. Could I ? No. You can only have coleslaw or more chips... I guess it was my fault they didn't have potato gravy!

Many months ago: Had to wait 25 minutes for wicked wings, because someone ordered all they had. Now I don't work in retail, but if someone wanted all of one of your products wouldn't you make them wait, cook them fresh stuff and keep serving other customers.

Very hit and miss.

OVER 7 years AGO

There are a few things here I have issue with, also keep in mind that everything you listed in detail is company policy, not store policy.

If there out of coleslaw of course there going to offer you another side, you were offered an alternative of equivalent value.

Also if someone ordered a ridiculous amount of wicked wings at once of course there going to go out of stock for a while. Stock prediction can only go so far. It's not like it takes 3 minutes to cook either. They make everything fresh pretty much within an hour of serving it to you.

Shape up and deal with it mate.

Matt Hogan
OVER 7 years AGO

@ Zondor don't happen to work at KFC do you?

'offered something of equivalent value'. whos value? monetry? or my value as a possible repeat customer? im sure a piece of chicken would be worth 4 potato n gravy.

'Cooked fresh to order and only sits for an hour' something in that statement doesn't make sense to me. fresh is fresh an hour isn't ...read more

OVER 10 years AGO

The worst KFC I have been to yet wait ages to get service and that is in house or drive thru the food is cold or soggy The drive thru service is astounding window opens they grab your cash and it slams shut god forbid you ask a question and if you have to wait for your order you have to leave and manoeuvre your way back as its all one way if your in a wheelchair but are able to drive (STEERING CONTROLS)you could go thru 3/4 times before you get your order and NO they will not bring it out to you in the car park Pick up your game KFC


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