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Magister Daire

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Magister Daire

Magister Daire Russell is a master of ancient esoteric tradition. The way and the art of physical and energetic transformation. The alchemy of the mind and body is his life?s work.
A philosophic teacher and poet, a mentor and guide. He lives by his vow;
?Know self
Know others
Correct self
Transform others
Master self
Elevate others
Serve all?
I am a Magister of a tradition
Known only as Lore
My lineage is the ancestral wisdom of the universal knowledge
Lore is universal but experienced through the ancestral
All ancient cultures have the one Lore at base
Only our individual ancestral line changes our approach to the one way
Via ? The Way has had many branches
But its roots are in the primal energetics
The pattern of the earth reflected from the stars
Once understood
The ancient principles and practices of Lore and all its branches
Its origins in the astro-temples of the standing stones through the hermetic and alchemical are understood
For it is one symbolic language wearing the dress of different times
I am a Magister of this tradition and a master of its many branches, for it is one tradition
In oral tradition the ancient wisdom from before the ice age was sealed in stone
The Standing Stones
The first simple symbolic pattern for understanding Lore is
The tree ? The human body
The man god ? Primal male ancestral energy
The woman goddess ? Primal female ancestral energy
The serpent or dragon ? The primal numen of the earth
The apple ? Venus as morning and Evening star
The god and goddess woven as the serpent contain the ancestral and the past life powers
In all ancient teaching we reincarnate through the bloodlines
All bloodlines are a vast web
With one centre
All are of one origin
The source
We are all one but we must walk to the centre through our own blood
All tradition has been handed down and taught orally
Person to person through
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