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Mascot Airport Parking

4 Reviews

13 Sarah St

Mascot, NSW, 2020

Mascot Airport Parking

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OVER 3 years AGO

Began using Mascot Airport Parking in Sarah Street about 12 months ago and after collecting the vehicle on a couple of occasions there were new minor scratches in the paint work which was accepted and not mentioned to them as it was an older vehicle anyway.
The most recent time the vehicle was collected it was not parked out in the driveway ready to go as had been in the past, it was parked close to a wall and very close to a car behind. Also in the past there was hardly ever even an acknowledgement from staff when collecting the vehicle but this time the attendant was right there the entire time we were getting in the car which in hindsight must have been as a distraction so we did not properly inspect the vehicle.
After driving away I went to turn on the dash cam and noticed the power cable to the dash cam had been unplugged from the camera and plugged into the ...read more

Lee Brook
OVER 4 years AGO

My car was written off in the care of these people. Using their service has cost me thousands.
On Friday, 2nd May, 2015 I left my car in the care of Mascot Valet Parking for a period of 30 hours while I flew to Queensland and back to scatter a friends ashes. When I arrived back at the valet parking late on Saturday night they told me my car was not driveable because a tree had fallen on it and they were right. They had left my car parked in a neighbouring lot under a tree during the Sydney storms. Max the owner gave me a card, a copy of the details of his insurance broker, called me a cab and told me to keep the receipt because his insurance would cover everything.
Mascot Valet and their insurance covered nothing. I paid for my parking, my $75.00 cab fare home, my excess and as my car held a lot more worth to me ...read more

OVER 4 years AGO

This place is terrible, came back to a large scrape down the side of my car. They refuse to offer any kind of compensation for this and were extremely rude. DO NOT USE THEM!!

OVER 10 years AGO

I have found this company to be unfriendly and totally unrelieable. The courtesy bus is dirty and delapidated and I cant believe it gets through registration. No wonder it is frequently running late which can leave you stranded at the airport for anything up to 45 mins.

They may be slightly cheaper than the competition but the "saving" isnt worth the inconvenience.

OVER 9 years AGO

I agree 100% with the other review - I was amazed at how rude and aggressive one staff member was at this place. They kept us waiting for 15 minutes while they completed a personal call - they then overcharged me on the rate quoted - when I queried this they took my credit card back, to, I thought credit the difference - they then creditted the whole amount and told me to leave in an overly aggressive manner. By this time we were now running late for the flight and had to park at the airport (only just making our flight). I can not understand how this business remains in business.

OVER 6 years AGO

And again from me. Was incredibly rude . The gentleman who drives the shuttle bus was very apologetic but the apparent management's manner is appalling.


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