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Matthew Lawrence Bespoke

7 Reviews

21 William St

Paddington, NSW, 2021

Matthew Lawrence Bespoke

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OVER 3 years AGO

Great sales staff, pity couldn't deliver on one promise. Suits constantly delayed, always a sob story to cover for poor performance. Money still owed. Shyster.

OVER 4 years AGO

Whilst shopping for a suit for my wedding, I tried on a few suits at the big name designers and was not happy with what I was getting for the price. So I decided to go with a bespoke suit for my wedding day. Whilst making my first appointment over the phone, I described the fabric colour I was interested in and they knew exactly what I wanted. During my initial visits, they advised me what would work best with the ideas I proposed. At the end of the day, I am not a fashion designer and benefited from their learned suggestions. Whilst my suit was being constructed, I decided to order a waist coat and shirt. The shirt was a no-brainer as the cost of a decent shirt off the rack is quite comparable to one custom made by them. I required numerous fittings as I ordered a bespoke suit, shirt and waist coat. I initially thought the number of fittings was excessive but I am not a tailor or well versed in what is required to get a suit to be a perfect fit. As the time was ...read more

OVER 5 years AGO

The first thing I was offered was a scotch which was a good start. I was measured for a suit by Matthew Lawrence who smelled like alcohol but I thought, ok...he's obviously had a boozy lunch. I thought he was supposed to be good so I went along with the fitting and measure. The suit was $2500 and I was asked to put a deposit down. I did that because I loved the material in his store and the promise of the suit he had described. The selection was great. I paid the deposit and left. I had to keep coming in for stupid time-wasting re-measures and pretend re-fits which were just a re-measurement of my body from the first time with no changes....just more salesy bs from a man who was not delivering my suit! This went on for 7 weeks where he kept blaming the sewer or the suit maker because the suit still wasn't ready! He had me thinking all this time he was my tailor but he's not, he gets the stuff outsourced. He is a good talker. I am going back to my old tailor. Each ...read more

OVER 5 years AGO

Matt and his team were excellent. Very helpful and thorough in explaining the process and options, passionate about their business, attention to detail was great, demand perfection of themselves (so much so that when we were unable to get a particularly difficult cloth to fit correctly they gave me the suit for free and built me an entirely new suit that met their standards), hard to beat customer service like that. If you're Looking for a full service, quality tailor with excellent product and reasonable prices Matthew is your man

Ryan Broom
OVER 5 years AGO

I read all the reviews out there before going with Matthew-including the negative ones. None of them were true. The first meeting went through the A-Z of suits and every possible customization was possible. Vast amounts of different fabric and I couldn't find one that stuck out, so a new delivery was brought from upstairs and sure enough, I found what I was after. Matthew took copious amounts of measurements and notes about my posture and walking style, down to how I put my hands in my pockets. 3 weeks later, I had a shell fitting-it Wasnt quite right, so I was back again in 2 weeks. Matthew tool the utmost care with the whole process. Everything had to be perfect. He would often stand and look at you from different angles just getting a feel for your posture and how to let the suit define it better. I had 5 fittings overall-all when they were convenient for me, and all with Matthew. This really was a great experience. Worth every cent-which is still far less ...read more


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