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Bathroom Renovation

Megasealed Australia

10 Reviews
1300 658 007

1, 37 Mortimer Rd

Acacia Ridge, QLD, 4110

1, 37 Mortimer Rd

Acacia Ridge, QLD, 4110

Megasealed Australia

Stop Leaking Showers and Balconies without having to remove tiles

Stop leaking showers and balconies without removing tiles.

Established in 1996, Megasealed Australia are pioneers in providing a unique guaranteed solution to stop leaking showers & balconies without removing tiles in most cases.

Managing Director Jacques Courtin 40 yearsâ?? experience in the building industry and dedication to providing customers value for money and quality service have allowed Megasealed to remain the industry leader.
With more than 18,000 showers and balconies repaired each year across 5 states, we believe that at Megsealed Australia we conduct our business with the highest professional and ethical standards.

We are also very proud to be industry recognised after winning the Strata Community Australia Innovation of the Year Award in July 2014 for our product Megabloc, Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Repair. Check out how this new product works by visiting our website www.megasealed.com.au and viewing our animation.

Other services include grout replacement, licensed tiling & waterproofing, anti-slip safety solutions, and stone restoration.

Call now for your free in home quote by your local consultant on 1300 658 007.
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Derek G
OVER 3 years AGO

Hi just wondering when you will return my phone calls and emails, my bathroom leaked 3 months after it was supposed to have been fixed and I've spent the last 4 months trying to get you to complete the job. The job was completed in Enoggera, Brisbane and my invoice number is 305856, please call little real estate wilston to attend property and rectify.

OVER 5 years AGO

Quote provided. We Organised to have the job done. Come to the day of the job, no one turned up! I took a day off work for it. I called them and they even forget their contractor had a job with us as the tradesmen was stuck overseas. We rescheduled the following weekend day due to their error this was confirmed. A day before the new job date, we were told the contractor couldn't come out. At this time 1 month passed and still it was so hard for mega sealed to have someone commit to the job they accepted! This week, I called to have some one come give a new quote on the same room due to past 30 day quote (1st quote), today NO SALES PERSON HAS COME!!! MEGASEALED ACACIA RIDGE IS A JOKE!!!! No comittment to your customers, and no management skills (Anglea) on your "on record jobs" until your customers call you to ask where their guy is?!! MAJOR FAIL - DO NOT USE!

David and Louise
OVER 6 years AGO

No No No No (our negative expereience)
Whilst the initial work may look good, and the staff are friendly, it takes time for DAMAGE to occur due to POOR products and workmanship. As the damage is slowley occurring behind the wall, by the time it is evident, it appears Megasealed will run a mile. Even after their inspector takes photos of the damage, and indicates the job is poor, you will not get any support from the organisation. In fact, they will even refuse to let you have a copy of the Inspectors report????? Seems strange to anyone else?????? I agree with the previous comments about nice Techncians and friendly staff etc. BUT, at the end of the day, when the damage occurs over time, I would not expect Megasealed to be there to back up their products. It is scary the damage that occurs behind the wall when the waterproofing is ...read more

Megasealed Australia
OVER 6 years AGO

Dear David and Louise,

Thank you for your feedback,

At the time you initially got your shower Megasealed in September 2008, the product warranty was of 5 years, ending September ...read more

David and Louise
OVER 6 years AGO

There is no mention of any 5 year warranty in the documentation we received. 12 years is definitely in there though. If the warranty on the product was really only for 5 years don't you think the consumer should know that? And building movement - first we have heard of that reason for the product failure. At least we have a bit more information that in fact supports our view, after months of trying.

(Remember, all we requested was support in the cost to reseal the bathrooms after we had the damage - not for Megasealed to pay for the total repair)

Megasealed Australia
OVER 6 years AGO

Hi David and Louise,

As explained to you previously, we do not believe that there has been any Megasealed product failure and to our knowledge there is no evidence of product failure.

The issue that you are currently experiencing is not due to any fault from Megasealed products or services.

This is the reason why we cannot and will not take any responsibilities in this matter.

Kind regards,


Sean Sara
OVER 6 years AGO

Once again i have to say that I am impressed with the quality of both the product and the service. Megaseal fixed a upstairs shower shortly after we purchase the property 5 years ago. Recently we noted water pooling around the base of the shower downstairs and had Megaseal out again to fix a new problem. Not only did he work on shower but Mario also removed a loose tile on the outside and re-grouted and resealed the loose tile. Very impressed and would use there service again.

OVER 6 years AGO

I have never been happier with any company. The technician was the best. This is our second bathroom done by megasealed and I would recommend them to anyone anytime!!!


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