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Micks Fencing

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OVER 7 years AGO

Cheap price and job reflects it. Plinth board set on and in parts above the ground. Top of the fence looks like a wave. not in the slightest bit level. Posts were not rammed properly. Could move posts with fence attached a good six inches. Got a straight line in the fence for the first 3 posts. the rest of fence has deviations one way or other along entire length. My advice is to pay a little bit more for a decent job. Either that or invite a few friends around , have a few coldies and you will probably end up with a better result.

OVER 7 years AGO

I am very concerned with this review and wonder if you could please contact me to discuss further. If the fence has been constructed so poorly I would like to have it repaired and done properly - this is not the work I want to see representing our company. If you could please call me as per our quote details I will make every effort to have this work repaired.

OVER 9 years AGO

Competetive price, and did the job on time. Attention to detail was poor, and so is customer service. After almost 12 months of emails and phone calls to perform rectification work to my gate and fence, and several appointments made to rectify the shoddy work, no one has turned up, depsite many more apologies and phone calls. Simply not good enough, as there is no dispute that the work needs to be done. Have now spent three days at home for different appointments to get this work done. Micks reasoning, "You have a tradie living next door, why don't you get him to fix it?" Happy to take your money, shocking attitude to little problems.

OVER 10 years AGO

Did a beautifull job and very reasonable quotes

OVER 11 years AGO

My side Fence was erected with no problems, well constructed and very reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone.