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Minotaur Entertainment DVD's

12 Reviews

121 Elizabeth St

Melbourne, VIC, 3000

Minotaur Entertainment DVD's

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(03) 9670 5414
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OVER 2 years AGO

Where Do I start? The staff who work in the store, particulary a gentleman who works in the comic section on satuday's - totally ignorant and lacking in customer service skills. Refers to people as "dude" which I find patronising at the very least.
The Graphic Novels they sell, well, well and truly expensive, $60 for a Marvel trade??? Really??? This is not a thick as Trade either, but I mean, who pays that sort of money for a book? The whole store is a giant ripoff, expensive merchandise which people don't buy because you can buy it elsewhere cheaper. Minotaur was once a fave haunt of mine, I plan to never shop there ever again.

David Sarkies
local star
1226 Reviews
OVER 4 years AGO

All I can say is that if you are a geek then you are going to love this store I know I do. The place has pretty much everything that a geek could want, and more. It is jam packed full of comic books, fantasy books, dvds, and merchandise from all of the geekiest television shows that you could imagine, and more. Okay, they call themselves pop culture specialists, but to be honest with you only geeks like me can really appreciate what this place has to offer. In fact that place saved my skin once when I discovered the American addition of a book that I had accidentally ruined, and the friend whom I had borrowed it off was not at all impressed. When I gave her the copy that I had bought from here all was forgiven. All I can say is that I love this place, and find myself coming back again, and again, even if it is only to buy another Doctor Who DVD.

local star
1204 Reviews
OVER 4 years AGO

These guys are open daily, not the kind of shop I would generally pop in to browse through, but a colleague at work wanted to have a look to pick up a gift for someone who was really keen on comics. Its a huge store with so many books, magazines, collectibles and general merchandise from science fiction, movies, television, comics, anime and manga from Japan and stocking rock music, DVDs, toys, kits, T-shirts, posters and trading cards. Not knowing enough about this, I would still think the selection on stock is extensive. My friend was looking for a particular comic however it was not yet available in stock, he said that the person he spoke to could have been a bit more helpful and found them offer little help or knowledge on what he was after. Nevertheless, he did say hew would still return as it was probably the only location that would stock this.

OVER 5 years AGO

Good range but the customer service is appalling, rude, unhelpful and the items are overpriced. Hopefully one day they will hire people with good customer service skills.

OVER 5 years AGO

The variety of pop culture items is vast, but staff could be more courteous. There's hardly any smile from anyone at the counter. Aren't you guys happy to work in a sensational store?!


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