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9, 217 Pimpala Rd

Woodcroft, SA, 5162


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OVER 5 years AGO

I really enjoy visiting here, and it seems to be getting busier and busier. the people behind the counter are always so good with customers - and it doesnt change no matter who you are, what you look like or even how old you are. what impressed me the most was the patience the lady gave an older customer who couldnt hear very well. The staff member repeated her self several times and kept smiling and just repeating the cost and the order. she made NO fuss!!! this was very impressive, because not only did it clearly show she had excellent people skills she also wasnt bothered to rush off and do something else, like i've witnessed in plenty of other cafes.
my wrap, and tea were delish! and i love that range of teas you have.

OVER 5 years AGO

Another good visit, enjoyed with good company. The staff behind the counter really make my visits here more enjoyable, please don't ever get rid of your staff!! They are just so lovely.
I was excited to try a few things off of the new menu, however a few faults or not really faults - just not really distinguished flavours of that HOT chili in the mexican burger. Would have been nicer to have a bit of heat on the burger, or asking if customer wants jalapeño's (or something of the sort) to give the dish some heat.
I really enjoyed the corn chips on the side of the plate as opposed to having normal hot chips on the side. The bun had a funny smell to its top while eating it. Almost as if it was splashed with some greasy deep fryer oil. I did mention this to the staff, when they asked if everything was good with our meals. And they ...read more

OVER 5 years AGO

What a neat little cafe in a newly refurbished shopping complex. It certainly is modern and has that lovely warm feel about it. The furniture is divine and the head waitress is hands down a beautiful sole! She is so welcoming and honest on all accounts.
She was able to give suitable advice and inform us of anything about each dish that we had questions on. Like where do you get your produce from?
It was a pleasure visiting on several occasions now, and trying the menu. I'm excited to visit again soon to try the new menu.
It has ample amount of carparking, which is a huge tick in my book.
Located near a supermarket you could easily have this as your local coffee shop!
The food was pretty tasty, and looked really great on the presentation. Everything so far has been enjoyed.


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