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Monika's Rescues

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2 McCowan Rd

Ingleside, NSW, 2101

Monika's Rescues

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Emily Durham
OVER 3 years AGO

We went through the correct process to visit a dog that we had met before it was rescued by Monika's Doggie Rescue. Discussed on the phone with Monika that we had a 14 year old dog and we would be bringing her to meet the dog. We arrived and waited at the front gate (never actually allowed inside) with our dog while they brought out the other dog for us to walk. Monika advised us to feed him treats and pat his snout and paws to make sure he was fine. So we went off on our walk with both dogs (no staff accompanied to see how both dogs got along), when we got back Monika advised that it would not be a suitable match as he was possessive of balls, we advised this would not be a problem, she then said that he can be aggressive towards other dogs when his ball is near them (clearly states on their website that he is friendly with other dogs but possessive no mention of AGGRESSION) and was concerened for our older dog. Monika knew how old our dog was more

OVER 4 years AGO

What an awful place this is. They claim to be trying to rescue but are constantly turning away people with loving homes. So many dogs there needing good homes you think they would jump at the chances. A ridiculous process for people to follow who fill in forms with all their details, only to be turned away from certain dogs after trialling them for the very things they included on the forms. Why let people trial a dog if you have no intention of letting it be adopted? Very odd practices and the dogs are kept away from each other as though they will all attack. Negative attitude from all staff, especially "Monika the great". If only a real rescue could come and overtake from her nasty attitude!

OVER 4 years AGO

Terrible experience, told after spending time with dog we adored that we couldn’t have it. Staff were rude and patronising and had the whole family in tears.

OVER 5 years AGO

I am over the moon with my new furry house mate from Monika's. It is worth going through the process to get the best match. Don't just turn up and expect service. It isn't a shop. Fill in the form and be patient! Be prepared to ring a few times if it is too busy. Pay attention to Monika's comments as she has extensive experience and knowledge about the dogs. Make an appointment! Leave your attitude at home, be realistic about your situation and the dog's needs.

Katrina H0
OVER 5 years AGO

Best experience ever.
Got my fur boy, Teddy from Monicas.
Yes you have to answer lots of questions but it is so they match you with the right dog.
And she is particular because she cares.
Couldn't of asked for a better place to get my little addition.


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