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Nags Head Tavern

8 Reviews

, 504 Ennis Ave

Cooloongup, WA, 6168

Nags Head Tavern

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Pennie N
OVER 2 years AGO

This place is family friendly - we went for the xmas in July and loved it the kids had a ball and the food was fantastic, staff we really good and we all left happy and full :-) we will be back again thanks Nags.

Nan Trainor
OVER 7 years AGO

Near end of Dec 2010 Went to tavern ordered Bangers and mash. Received lumpy Mash and one skinny Cole's Barbie sausage for $17. Complained and received food voucher times two for my wife and myself. Well went back 7th Jan ordered porterhouse steak only one on menu $30 So much Grissel in both steaks hard to cut with the steak knife!!!!!!! We have gone from one end of the menu to the other and have encountered major problems with the food quality and the preparation. Will never go back. If people in rocking ham do not actively complain,we will never get past this,god help us.

OVER 7 years AGO

The first time I went to Nag's Head about 4 years ago it was very distinguished. The staff wouldn't even let me in for wearing dressy strappy thongs that weren't rubber when their entry requirements say no rubber thongs. I came back with good shoes and had a meal there.

4 years on my husband and I and the rest of my family and some friends went there and again, I was wearing strappy thongs but had my heels ready to put ...read more

OVER 7 years AGO

The bistro has changed over the past 4 years- it is now a more casual affair, taking on customers comments about dress standard and the 'thong' issue. So while we promote a lounge dress standard, due to the location near the beach and the climate we have a relaxed attitude to foot wear and have removed signage in regards to thongs some time ago (approx 8 months).

We have since discussed with our staff the making of a traditional lemon lime bitters, however some patrons indicate a small amount of bitters and some ask for it quite ...read more

Nicky Bell
OVER 8 years AGO

We used to go to the Nags Head regularly up until we moved and the new chef was brilliant, even making special vego dishes for me. Staff were always very helpful and was a relaxed and cosy place to dine. As for 'do better's' comments, I can understand your anger, we used to go regularly and I can say 90% of the time I wore thongs. I've never been asked to leave, I can understand their reasoning for this, some clothes/shoes look scruffy, but some thongs are dressy and most casual shoes these days are of a 'thongy' nature. I find it odd they would turn away business on account of footwear, I can understand if you stink or are dirty or something like that. But very happy with location, food, service and parking.

OVER 9 years AGO

we hadnt been back to the nags head in over a year and recently went for tea a week ago- the food was great! apparently they have a new head chef who has been there about 2 months now and i tell you what hes doing a very good job. All the specials are a lot better than i remembered and they seem to have really upped the service too. Happy we came back and will become regulars again.cheers


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