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Oz Cheap Movers

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Oz Cheap Movers

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Thanks to oz cheap Movers for moving me at a short notice. Great rates and Quality service. many thanks

6 months AGO

I wanted to add to my previous review as I had so much going on on the day that of the move that I didn't get to elaborate. OZ CHEAP MOVERS made my moving day from being hectic into a nightmare! I had to stop doing the millions things I had to do that day in order to deal with the damage the company made to my dining table. They did not take any responsibility for any damage and continued to blame us even though the furniture was damaged whilst in their care. There is so such thing as integrity with this company as also suggested by other reviewers. After all the dramas with the dining table which gave me a throbbing headache I then discovered that the drivers had also cracked my mirror/ glass tall boy and had cleverly placed the bed mattress against it so that we wouldn't notice the damage. Accidents can happen we are all human but you don't try to cover up, hide or deny responsibility for damage you cause whilst being responsible for the removal of ...read more

6 months AGO

Absolutely shocking!!! They cracked my glass dining table while lifting it and to blame it on us and tried to hide another damaged item behind a bed mattress. The customer service assiatkce working for the company was the rudest person I have ever spoken to; it only did he not allow w me to get a word in, he kept cutting me off, he told me he "had other things to do as well". Do not use these people! I regret it very much! Very dodgy company!!!!!!!

a year AGO

The clue is in the name of this business - not that you'll get a bargain. Be very careful in your supervision of this lot, watch your stuff and don't pay them until you've checked everything. Your communication with them will likely be less than clear, and if you're like us, you will be very disappointed by their lack of integrity.

7 months AGO

They have no integrity at all!

OVER a year AGO

oz cheap movers are amazing.staff, either the ladies in the office or men very polite and professional.i have not found a single item damaged or missing during the unpacking.i have moved several times but this was tha best experince of mine.i would certainly recommend sam and his team. many thanks