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Palace Verona

4 Reviews

17 Oxford St

Paddington, NSW, 2021

Palace Verona

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(02) 9360 6099
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local star
1198 Reviews
OVER a year AGO

Part of the Palace chain, which exists in Melbourne and Sydney. I tend to go most often during the French film festival which is great, I love the upstairs bar and vibe , it's a bit old school, not like the other cinemas with screaming kids and pop corn, which smells awful. Here they cater to an older inner city clientele. Love it . Park on the street, there's quite a few spots on the Darlinghust side.

OVER 2 years AGO

My favourite place to go to watch a movie. I love that you can choose for a certain type of wine pour and the olive oil popcorn just makes the movie viewing even more enjoyable !

OVER 4 years AGO

I always go to this cinema if I can. Its got a good feeling and its cheap, especially if you're a member. Their ice creams trump event choc tops any day.

Penny C
OVER 6 years AGO

I come to this cinema often and love it for its nice vibes and good range of movies, but lately it's been dropping the ball a bit and it's been really disappointing. I'm not sure whether it's changed hands and has had new management take over in the last few months or something, but whatever it is I think they need to pull their act together before they start losing customers. The last time I went (earlier this week) we bought tickets to a movie and got to the door before we realised the staff had given us tickets to the wrong film. We took them back and the staff said the film we had wanted tickets for was cancelled. Giving no notice for the cancellation is bad enough, but not even mentioning it at point of sale and trying to force us to go to another movie unwittingly instead? Regardless, I could forgive it if that was the only time lately I've been let down by them, but the time before that (a few weeks ago) I turned up with a friend at the time printed in the paper and on their ...read more


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