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Adult Services

Park Street Adult Book Exchange

6 Reviews

Level 1, 44 Park St

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Park Street Adult Book Exchange

Contact details

(02) 9267 6812
(02) 9264 1020


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Sydney Peter
OVER 4 years AGO

If you want a positive friendly experience, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS.
The location is right outside of a bus stop, so everyone waiting for the bus, KNOWS where you are about to walk into.
Upon walking into this small dusty, dirty and understocked shop, I was yelled at by the plump lady working the counter. Not only did she not say hello or ask if I needed help, she yelled across this small space, asking very personal questions. This lady needs an off button. About another minute into browing, it was clear I was not worth her time and she kept bothering me until the point I just walked out to never return again. The prices were much more expensive then the other adult shops located in Sydney. When I went to another adult shop, and was treated with respect and dignity. We all have options to shop, and I'll be surprised if anyone spends their hard earned money at this hole. Awful customer service, products and not a discreet space.

Sophia G.
OVER 5 years AGO

Would not recommend this shop in the least.
Was disappointed because the shop was half empty, and what they had were obviously old and not modern.
Asked the lady working if they have a specific item and she was very rude for no reason. She kept showing me a product I simply did not want and would not listen to me or my requests.
Would not step foot into this shop again.

OVER 6 years AGO

Found out about Park Street on True local; and glad I did!
I was a bit nervous about going into an adult shop but the staff made my experience great! The two staff working were amazing and helped put me at ease.
I ended up purchasing something I totally didn't expect myself to walk out with.
I had such a fun time shopping here.

Marie Spoter
OVER 6 years AGO

This is a great adult shop right in the city.

The staff took the time out to show me a couple vibrators, and I picked the perfect one for myself.

I use to shop at other adult shop, but the prices at Park Street are more inexpensive.

I also find the staff at Park Street to be more knowledgeable than them.

Congratulations, you got a new regular customer out of me.

Kyle Locklear
OVER 6 years AGO

It is my opinion that this is the best adult shop in Sydney.

I've been a regular at Park Street for about 5 years now. I use to shop around at other adult shops, but the DVD selection at Park Street is far wider than any other in the CBD. They usually have good specials on, but I'm a big fan of buying 3 DVDs and getting the 4th free. It's a great deal.

I enjoy talking and dealing with the staff here because they are friendly and knowledgeable. Unlike other adult shop employees, at Park Street they take pride in their job and go to lengths to find my special requests.

I'd have no issues with recommending this business to any of my male/female friends.


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