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Parramatta Camera Repairs

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Parramatta Camera Repairs

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OVER a year AGO

My name is Stephen. I came to Australia for travelling few days ago. Unfortunately, my Sony a 7s was accidentally dropped into the water and didn't work anymore. I was so frustrated because we hadn't visited all the great views in our plan and we was gonna to back within three days. Then we found Parramatta Camera Repairs online and tried to see if we have any luck. Yet surprisingly, they repaired my camera and sent back to me in the other day straightaway. Also the price was so favourable and the staff were so friendly! Thanks to this great repair shop, we had a great time in the next two days. They are professional and they should get the credit!

Peter Bazzana
OVER 2 years AGO

Absolutely useless and they lie about the work they undertake. My Sony A7 was supposedly serviced and the software updated, now it misbehaves and the update wasn't completed. The promised follow-up never happened. They promise the world and only give you grief. Do not deal with this company!

Fiona Mackie
OVER 2 years AGO

The guy is very underhanded & is happy to take your money & didn't attempt to fix my Canon 5D MK111 after taking $656 until I contacted Fair Trading 9 months later. He then agreed to "inspect" it, has now had it another 4 months & won't return it to me until I give him another $200. He says it has been water damaged (which it hasn't). No mention of water damage a year ago. I am lodging a complaint with tribunal. Auto focus hasn't worked properly since he first pretended to fix it & then set exposure incorrectly so all photos were over exposed. The auto focus never sounded right. I've spent my time driving back & forth from Epping to Ashfield while he has constantly mucked me around. I am very upset. Stay well clear of this business if you value your camera!

OVER 3 years AGO

My name is Tristan and I live in Lennox Head NSW. My GoPro was damaged in the saltwater and I thought it was destroyed. I ended up posting to these guys not really thinking if it would be fixed - next minute it's sent back to my home working like NEW!!! Awesome stuff guys, awesom work :)

Cheers, Tristan from lennox head

OVER 3 years AGO

Michael from Parramatta Camera Repairs is the best. He managed to repair my canon lens that is dropped ( all focus is gone as well as the motor ) , with less than Canon quote, works really well now. Sometimes its a bit slow because he is doing it all by himself, but its very good result. He also fixes my LCD for old 400d and give it a thorough service, now it feels like a brand new camera.