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Alternative Medicine

Quit Smoking 4Good Wollongong

10 Reviews
1300 114 557

Suite 2, 15 Cedar Tce

Woonona, NSW, 2517

Suite 2, 15 Cedar Tce

Woonona, NSW, 2517

Quit Smoking 4Good Wollongong

Lifetime Support! We Won't Stop Til You Do!

Lifetime Support! Lifetime Guarantee!
We Won�t Stop Til You Do!

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP, We help smokers become the non-smokers they were born to be, by addressing your specific reasons for wanting to quit! Each session is tailor made using a combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Neuro Linguistics Programming (N.L.P). A single session is generally all that�s required for the majority of clients however, whether one or two sessions, we support you for life!

Clinical Hypnotherapist:  CHt.  ClinHyp (91542nsw)
NLP Practitioner:  NLP Prac (91543nsw)
Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist: 1214-100167 
Health Fund Number:  ASCH-1637

Professional Member of:
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia � (PCHA) Registered Number: 2114
Australian Hypnotherapists Association - (AHA) Accreditation number:  PM2014055
Hypnotherapy Council of Australia Register - (HCAR) Registration Number: 1300164
Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists � (ASCH) Membership Number: 1637N
Australian National Hypnotherapy Register � (ANHR) Registration Number: 1300164
Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association � (IMDHA) Registration Number: 1214-100167

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1300 114 557

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  • Other Websites: www.HealthyHypnosis.com.au www.WeightLoss4Good.com.au www.QuitCigarettes4Good.com

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OVER 4 years AGO

Over the years I have "quit smoking" several times using all the methods and quit smoking tools available, all without success. That was my story unitil 5 months ago when I had a hypnotherapy session with Michael. Now my story is i'm finally FREE from the habitual chain of smoking that kept me bound for decades. Highly recommended service to anyone actually wanting to quit for good!! Thank you so much Michael, you really have changed my life and I'm thankful for the passion, dedication and skill you bring to the hypnotherapy session.

Quit Cigs 4Good
OVER 4 years AGO

Hello Kristy, thank you for taking teh time to write your lovely comment. I love what I do and I really enjoyed working with you to help you become a non-smoker. The world is yoru oyster!! Warmly Michael

OVER 4 years AGO

I first went to see Michael back in December 2013 after trying most of the usual things to try and stop smoking.I found Michael to be very professional,pleasant to talk to and very passionate about helping others.While it didnt work for me the first time because i let things around me control my thoughts Michael is very true to his word and i have now had my second session free of charge. As Michael explained you just need to find the one thing that is letting you down in trying to quit and changing how you look at it.I feel alot stronger this time around and im sure with Michaels help and support i will Quit 4Good thanks

Quit Cigs 4Good
OVER 4 years AGO

Gday Darren, sorry for the late reply, had troubles logging into account. Thanks mate for your kind words and I woudl like to thank you for trusting me again. I love what I do! If you need me just call, warmly Michael

Jeremy Wollongong
OVER 4 years AGO

I went to see Michael as I had enough of smoking for twenty years it was affecting my family my job and my bank account.

I found Michael to be a very professional and polite breath of fresh air in my life.

He helped me action what I felt and now from 30 smokes per day I have had zero for 5 months and have my life back.

Gratefully Thanking You Michael

Quit Cigs 4Good
OVER 4 years AGO

Hello Jeremy, thank you mate and my apologies for not repsonding sooner. Something with my computer cache wouldn't allow me to open? You have nothing stopping you now that you are a non-smoker!! Thank you again, warmly Michael

OVER 4 years AGO

I went to see Michael to quit smoking and it has been three weeks and I haven't had a cigarette. I have been following the guidelines he gave me and I am feeling well and getting fitter. I have my energy back. He has contacted me twice since our session to check on me and I know I can call him for support when I need to. I highly recommend Michael to anyone wanting to quit smokes.

Quit Cigs 4Good
OVER 4 years AGO

Thank you Andrew for taking the time to write and share your thoughts, I truly appreciate it. It was a pleasure working with you and you have our continued support. Warmly Michael

Review to win entry OVER 4 years AGO

There is no silver bullet for stopping smoking, I have tried many times and I have tried everything from patches, gum and lozenges to Champix. None have been successful. It has now been over 3 months since I went and saw Michael. The combination of his hypnotherapy session and the coping strategies he gives have been fantastic. It’s been over three months with no cigarettes and the best part is, no gum patches etc etc. Michael comes highly recommended, and I can second that. The flip side is, it has only been 3 months, but it’s great to know that he is there if I need him for ongoing support and I really feel as if I am well on my way to truly being a non-smoker. I feel healthier, I have saved well over $2000 in that time which makes the $600 seem cheap! (Also my health fund paid for most of that). So if you’re ready to quit, do what I did and call Michael!

Quit Cigs 4Good
OVER 4 years AGO

Thank you Bruce, I really appreciate you taking the time to write how you're progressing along. You have already been through the worst of it, only clear sailing ahead. Keep focusing on everything you are gaining being smoke free! Warmly Michael


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