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Film Production

Real Media Real Change

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Media Centre, 778 Ballina Rd

Goonellabah, NSW, 2480

Real Media Real Change

Connecting people and society

Real Media Real Change (RMRC) is a community-based publishing company which produces media in a variety of forms (film, pod-cast, blogs, article & conferences), aimed at supporting the well being, awareness and development of people and society.

RMRC builds relationships across the community producing material which are essentially discussions around health (women, men, young people) and technology.

RMRC's foundations come from an understanding that the media is very powerful in influencing our self-image, beliefs and culture and that true media accountability comes from an understanding of this responsibility and a commitment to care, decency, truth and understanding. This is very different from the media we see today which is sensational, unreal and essentially against the public interest due to the underlying motivations of profit, power and greed.

Another understanding which builds the foundation of RMRC is that we as individual consumers have a responsibility in the quality of media we choose and in developing an awareness of what informs our choice i.e., using forms of media like television, reading, online platforms to distract, numb and avoid connection. We present the commonly understood possibility that we can use media to connect, inspire and develop true personhood and community - the choice is ours and the time is always now.

And so we have a choice - continue to accept a common low-grade approach which produces new and traditional forms of media which are at best throw away fodder however at worst work actively against our natural expression, truth and connection as people - OR - produce content which supports our natural qualities of care and decency as human beings; which seeks to rebuild the fabric and awareness of our true potential and expression as human beings. The ripple effect of such Real Media will indeed result in Real Change.
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True Healing
OVER 6 years AGO

I highly recommend RMRC as a dedicated team of True Journalists with a deep care for all people within our communities. Great articles and inspiring podcasts opening up much needed conversations within the community on a host of public health issues that affect us all, media accountability, consumer responsibility and the current culture of Journalism.


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