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Red Gate Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic

Personalised, Professional and Prompt care Bowen Therapist and Lactation Consultant

Red Gate Bowen & Breastfeeding Clinic - two separate services - one peaceful location
Bowen Therapy- ( Bowtech) Not massage but a series of gentle rolling movements over muscles to re balance & relax while stimulating body to reset and heal itself . Beneficial effect on muscles, nerves, organs ,circulation and detoxification.
Bowen works throughout the whole body

Because of its non forceful or manipulative nature Bowen Therapy is gentle enough for use on people of all stages of life from newborn babies, pregnancy, athletes through to elderly.

Can support healing and recovery from injury to chronic illness including
-Pregnancy and birth recovery - Sacral pain , Sciatica, Lactation Issues

Baby Bowen for Babies- Assist recovery following birth process ,Breastfeeding attachment difficulties Unsettled or fussy babies, colic , reflux, constipation . Wry neck or side preference

Children-Sinus, Bed wetting, Asthma, Constipation, Sleep difficulty
General well being , Stress, Poor Circulation, Respiratory issues

Athletes/ Sports- Tennis elbow Bursitis, Foot problems,Sports injuries
Back pain and sciatica- digestive or bowel problems- earache, ear infection and migraines
Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

Lactation Consultant
Quality Breastfeeding Support and Assessment for South West Qld Mothers and Babies .Specialist breastfeeding assessment and support for mothers with concerns beyond the scope or time of other health professionals.
Pregnant, want to breastfeed, a new mum or have breastfeeding
concerns ? Call for an appointment today .
Most Breastfeeding "problems" are readily prevented and overcome with accurate information and support .

Offering specialist Lactation Consultant ( IBCLC) support with

-Antenatal Breastfeeding Consult and workshops- Plan for success !

-Postnatal Breastfeeding Assessment , Support & Plan
Registered Health Fund provider - Please contact for fees
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Contact details

(07) 4622 6470


  • Bowen Therapy ( Bowtech) IBCLC- Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant


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Red Gate Clinic
OVER 8 years AGO

Leanne Langkopf, NT

Sue you were such a gift during those long first months of my trying to establish breastfeeding with Reuben. I'm so glad that you took the plunge with us and did this over the phone and e-mail thing, nothing like what you are used to when you can actually see the people you are helping. Your support of both Jim and I helped us to follow our hearts to give Reuben the best we could, and I'm sure that without you we wouldn't have made it so far. In my remote location you were both an expert practitioner and a friend, if it wasn't for my knowing your heart to help us I wouldn't have turned to you so easily when we hit a bump in the road. God bless you!


Red Gate Clinic
OVER 8 years AGO

I've been enjoying the benefits of Bowen Therapy for many years now. The treatments are non invasive and very gentle and therefore extremely relaxing with unbelievable results, in many instances bringing immediate relief from pain. Ann F, Roma


OVER 8 years AGO

I have visited Sue at Red Gate Bowen & Breast feeding clinic on various occasions, at first I had my reservations, in the sense that I was open to various therapies, but I wanted to know how Bowen was different to others...it works! Im one of those people who cant stand ear wax, I have found regular treatments avoids me having to deal with hearing loss or the general annoyance of using cotton buds all the time. To the point that I could actually feel, hear and even taste my sinuses and ear cannels releasing the build up excess fluids! Just amazing... also the other terrific features include relaxation, feeling of a more balanced lifestyle, and the amazing increase in energy levels I have afterwards. For all these reasons I am no longer a sit back and observe person, I would recommend it to anyone its defiantely worth trying!! Give it a go

Red Gate Clinic
OVER 8 years AGO

Sue, you were such a big help with both the kids in those early hazy days of breastfeeding, and I recommend you to anyone who's having trouble establishing breastfeeding or who is planning to breastfeed. Heidi, Dom, Tim and I all say a big thanks to you! Juliet Sheridan , Roma



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