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Redlands-Bayside mobile mechanic

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0432 207 863

Victoria Point

QLD, 4165

Victoria Point,

QLD, 4165

Redlands-Bayside mobile mechanic

We'll fix your car

David O'Donoghue is a qualified Mechanic with a fully equipped Ute, he can come to your home or work. Dave will service or repair your vehicle in a clean and professional manner within your home or office when it's convenient for you.

No need to drive to a workshop, Dave will meet you at your desired location, with that Dave's approach can save some serious time in your day!.

Whether you drive a brand new car or an old muscle classic, Redlands Bayside Mobile Mechanic can service your vehicle using quality sourced parts and oils, while providing full stamp book servicing in maintaining your new car warranty.

Minor Service Includes:

Replace Engine Oil
Replace Oil Filter
Check Hoses/Belts
Check /Adjust Brakes
Check Cooling System
Check Clutch
Check Lights/Electrical System
Check Steering/Suspension
Top Up Fluids
Check Tyres/condition
Road Test Vehicle

Major Service

Car producers recommend a service interval of 12 months or 10,000k's - 20,000k's depending on the manufacturer.

Redlands Bayside Mobile Mechanic, Dave can perform a Full Service at your home or work when it suits you.

Major Service Includes:

Replace Engine Oil
Replace Oil, Air and Fuel Filters
Check Hoses and Belts
Check /Adjust Brakes
Check Cooling System
Check Clutch operation
Check Lights/Electrical System
Check Steering/Suspension
Top Up Fluids
Check Battery/Fluids
Check Tyre's and condition
Engine Tune Up (OBD)
Check or Replace Spark Plugs (platinum's extra)
Check Distributor Cap and Ign Leads
Check Points and Condenser
Set Ignition Timing
Clean Throttle Body
Road Test Vehicle

1) Log Book Servicing
2) Minor and Major Servicing
3) Fleet & Light Commercial
4) Engine Tuning
5) Wheels and Tyres
6) Brake and clutch repairs
7) Roadworthy certificates

and much more call us for any mechanical
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  • Chrysler
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Lamborghini
  • Rolls Royce
  • Suzuki
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  • Restorations
  • Servicing
  • Gearboxs
  • Log Book Servicing
  • Roadworthy Testing
  • Rebuilding
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  • Licensed Vehicle Tester
  • Warranties
  • Certified
  • Guaranteed
  • Registered
  • Accredited


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