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Roof-Resto (VIC) Pty Ltd

3 Reviews
(03) 9555 2250


VIC, 3189

Roof-Resto (VIC) Pty Ltd

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Amanda D.
OVER 3 years AGO

Dreadful experience. Called to arrange a quote, and the rep who eventually called me back was quite gruff and impatient on the phone; particularly when I indicated I had a 2 storey house so they would need to bring a large ladder. I ignored the lack of customer service displayed during the call and hoped things would be better when they would arrive. They were 55 minutes late (I was informed that they would be 20 minutes to half an hour late, but not an hour). On that call I also discovered that the original guy was no longer coming (evidently had gone home), but that he was sending another guy. This guy finally showed up- but without a ladder. So he couldn't (or wouldn't) go up on the roof. Apparently he wasn't told it was a 2 storey residence by his colleague. He then proceeded to give me his 'diagnosis' of the problem from inside (assuming the problem was only my skylight) Complete and utter waste of my time. Very unprofessional, I would suggest you avoid. If ...read more

craig 42
OVER 3 years AGO

Hi Amanda,
Sorry but your comments are very unfair, Monday was raining heavily and we called you as we were delayed fixing leaks.On the phone you told us it was a single and double storey home, however upon arrival it was a straight double storie.
It was still wet and raining and we are unwilling to put our safety at risk in the conditions. We offered to come back on a dry day to do the inspectionbut you were very rude to us and walked off down the street.
Not sure what else we could've done.

Amanda D.
OVER 3 years AGO

Craig's response is an utter laugh. I clearly stated "attached, two-storey townhouse". It is up to them to ask if there are particular access points they need. The tradesman I ended up hiring was able to access it no problem whatsoever (in the rain mind you). Craig and his colleague knew it had been raining all day and told me they were still completing other jobs. When they called an hour earlier to their arrival, they should have postponed the quote there and then if the weather was such a problem. And it was raining no heavier when they arrived compared to earlier in the day. Where some people would have sworn at or insulted them- I simply said it was a waste of my time, said goodbye and walked out of the property to catch a tram as quickly as I could as I would now be home an hour later than I should have been. So not rude at all in the circumstances. Bravo for trying to save your skin and blame the customer Craig. It won't work. Take responsibility for your ...read more

OVER 6 years AGO

Absolutely hopeless, waste of space. They don't call back, never again.

OVER 7 years AGO

Very Expensive. Avoid.


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