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Search for Pilates

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NSW, 2090

Search for Pilates

Promoting Health and Wellbeing through Quality Pilates Tuition

Marcia Shapira's desire to support the Australian Pilates community lead her to develop the Search for Pilates concept - to enable clients to find instructors online and to provide resources that educate people about the amazing benefits that result from doing Pilates. In 2013 Josephine Holecek partnered the business and together they are working to make Search for Pilates the online home for the largest teaching network in Australia.

Are you a Pilates instructor?

Whether you are a member of a large, thriving studio or if you run your own individual practice, Search for Pilates is designed to be your home on the internet. It is our goal to be the best at providing technology and helping you to establish a professional online presence and add value to clients.

Our aim is to provide a platform for teachers to showcase their expertise so that they can extend their professional reach, engage with potential clients and add value to existing clients

Are you searching for a Pilates instructor?

For a client searching for a Pilates instructor, Search for Pilates' unique search engine will help you to find a Pilates instructor with the exact set of skills you are looking for so your needs will be perfectly matched to your instructor's personality, expertise and passion. Search for Pilates is the online home for professional and qualified Pilates instructors.

Working with the guidance of a qualified Pilates instructor means having someone to monitor your progress and fine tune your program for constant improvement. The motivation and accountability towards your health and fitness goals means you will find it easier to commit to your exercise routine even on those days when you don't meet with your
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