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Day Spas

Shizu Wellness Spa

17 Reviews

Shop 3, 45-47 Main St

Mornington, VIC, 3931

Shizu Wellness Spa

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(03) 5976 3833


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OVER 7 years AGO

Terrible place. Had my hair done recently by a so called hairdresser that looked as if that person needed to pay more attention to own hair and appearance than mine.

Was a terrible job. Did not recieve what I asked for let alone the dodgy uneven cut I got. The colour was horrible and so was the service.

Will never go back there!!!!

OVER 7 years AGO

Not in the habit of reviewing but I feel potential clients must know how bad this establishment really is.As a local there are many places to have these treatments, sadly this place isn't one of them.I too bought a 2.5 hour 'pamper' and I use the term lightly -after booking I got there and waited 25 minutes before being sat upstairs in dingy dark common area for a foot pamper which other clients witnessed. Couldn't wait for the weak effort of my staff to finish. Felt like I was being tickled not massaged. Was offered an even dingier book to read even though it was dark? Then staff gives me the body massage again a glorified tickle after repeatedly asking for a firm massage . I could have had better from a toddler. Dtsff ran out of product in the middle of it and took off for 10 minutes leaving me to freeze in the cold room. I nearly got up and left. Anyhow staff returned and gave me a supposed facial , slap on wipe off variety that I could have done at ...read more

OVER 7 years AGO

I purchased a groupon voucher for Shizu and was so excited because I had been there years ago and it was an amazing experience. I'm not sure why they bothered with the groupon voucher ( you would think it was to entice new clients ) because I was left rather disappointed and won't be returning. I was there for a 2.5 hour pamper package and by the time it all finished I was dressed and in my car after 2 hours and 20 mins. There was two occasions during the treatment I was left to just lay there for what felt like 40 minutes. There was also a staff that I was so looking forward to with some essential oils. Basically it went from the oil off my facial up into my hair for about 3 minutes. I usually go to other wellness spa where they give you a proper head massage while the facial product is drying. Very disappointed but glad it was a cheaper groupon voucher and not full price.

groupon deal rip off
OVER 7 years AGO

How disapointing! Got a great deal worth of pampering for 2.5hrs.However the reality was far from expectations.Problems even booking a date. Then when we arrived walking in to be greeted by foul language by staff talking behind a very thin screen.To be led up to a dark room with very uncomftable chairs to wait for our therapist. Then given half harted massage that lasted maybe 45 mins tops.Left to wait again.Some cream slapped on face and left to wait again. Guided into a small room to large wooden box (Sauna) to again wait. Dirty tiles dead plants not great ambiance you want in a high end Pamper. Water leaking in the toilets and tiles off the walls.

OVER 7 years AGO

I attended this day spa on Wednesday - I am so disappointed and upset this experience has been terrible. I had booked for an eyebrow shape (my eyebrows are now uneven), a full one hour massage, a full one hour fascial, a leg and bikini wax. Which I confirmed with the therapist. After the wax which was a shocking job (left covered in left over wax) I layed down on the massage bed at 2pm the therapist came in at 2.05 and massaged until 2.40 then they proceeded to give me a facial I was left during this time for 30 minutes. On leaving I mentioned that the massage not for an hour so they reduced the price to $75.00 with no apology and plenty of attitude. I went home and could not believe my eyes I had left over muck still on my face, heaps of was on my legs and bikini line - in fact had trouble removing my under wear! I rang Shizu and spoke to a staff who said they would pass on my message and get the Management to ring me the next day. Clearly they have ...read more


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