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Snake Catcher

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VIC, 3931


VIC, 3931

Snake Catcher

Snake Catcher, Wildlife Controller, 24/7, Educational snake awareness workshops. Venomous Snakes caught and relocated.

The Mornington Peninsula is mostly the home of copperheads and tiger snakes.
In Frankston, Dromana, Mt Martha, Mcrae, Rosebud and Sorrento I have found healthy populations of tiger snakes.
Portsea as well has produced some fine specimens.
Around Hastings and Cranbourne we often get called out to the copperhead, which is most common between Someville and Balnarring.
Towards Dandenong and beyond there is a fairly good chance of encountering a red bellied black snake.
These guys just want to get out of your way and are very inoffensive, unless provoked
Because the colours vary so much with tiger snakes and copperheads they are quite often mistaken for black or brown snakes.

If you have seen a snake and you want it removed, you can ring me and I will come out to your property and take it away for you.

Just remember: once you lose sight of a snake it can be very difficult to locate it again

If you live in an area where snakes are known to live, you must know what to do when you come across one.
First thing you need to know is the snake is not going to chase you so you need to be able to control any panicky feeling you have.

You can stand perfectly still and you will be safe.

Or you can just walk away from it.

What to do if bitten by a snake: First aid will save your life.
1. First make it a priority to get the victim to the hospital.
2. Do not wash the bite. You will wash away the venom left by the snake which can be used for identification.
3. Try to keep the victim calm.
4. Immobilise the bitten body limb (with a splint etc)
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