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Sydney Fish Market

16 Reviews

Pyrmont Bdge

Pyrmont, NSW, 2009

Sydney Fish Market

Australia's only working fishermen's market, the Sydney Fish Markets is colourful and vibrant and offers visitors and Sydneysiders the opportunity to experience an authentic working fish market.

Business for the market begins at 5.30am when seafood buyers arrive to check the day's catch before the auction where 1,000 creates every hour and 50 tonnes of fresh catch are auctioned.

Sydney Fish Market is home to the city's seven top seafood retailers as well as a sushi bar, fresh fruit and vegetable supplier, delicatessen, butcher, gift shop, cafes, bakery, ice supplier, bottle store and net and tackle shop.

Market visitors have the opportunity to buy a wide variety of fresh seafood or enjoy a fresh seafood meal on the wharf overlooking the water.

Sydney Seafood School is also located at the market, it holds a variety of seafood cookery classes including some hosted by guest
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local star
207 Reviews
OVER a year AGO

It smells like fish. A lot. So if you have a sensitive nose, send someone else in.

It's huge, fishy, and has one of the best cheese shops in Sydney tucked away right at the back. I kid you not.

A cheese shop in the Fish markets.

The fish are pretty cheap and the lines can get a bit crazy sometimes, especially around christmas and new years. Alternatively some of the shops here will cook it up for you on the spot to eat too which is a win win situation if you have the time to wait around and don't mind the fishy smell.

local star
527 Reviews
OVER a year AGO

Busy fish market with seafood places everywhere. Fresh sashimi and fried dishes. Lots of international visitors come by.

local star
1200 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

If you're a fan of seafood or a tourist then this is the place for you. Ok, parking can be exy and it's a bit random, just be careful walking through the car park, there is not quite as ordered as a department store car park, and so make sure you don't drive over a shopper or that you are not mowed down by a driver as you leave your car. Also, beware of the possibility of water on floors, depending on the retailer, especially if you've had a hip replacement or similar . Fish is definitely cheaper here than suburban stores, and fresh. You can also buy cooked fish dishes and eat in the public seats, though you will be dining with seagulls. Toilet facilities and other shops eg deli with cheeses, a fruit shop and a bakery. Get in early to possibly park on the streets and avoid the crowds.

I've Been Here
local star
147 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

Hard to fault this place. It is like no other place in Sydney...

Loads of fresh seafood retailers to choose from.

Some of the best sashimi you will find.

Biggest selection of seafood.

Easy flat access. Toilets are close

Pretty easy parking unless you are arriving at the peak of peak season.

Biggest and only negative are the crowds but this also means the seafood remains fresh.

local star
282 Reviews
OVER 2 years AGO

Best place to pick up fresh fish, 4 Star only due to the fact parking is not free for a quick stroll and shop. I was surprised about the varities of stores as they have a great chees selection and deli in there as well, so not only for fish lovers!


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