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Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy

Tarot Reading By Chloe Miller

127 Reviews
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VIC, 3000


VIC, 3000

Tarot Reading By Chloe Miller

Melbourne's highest rated tarot reader using traditional tarot reading with a modern twist at an affordable price. Psychic Clairvoyant Melbourne

Tarot reading Melbourne. Tarot reader Melbourne. Clairvoyant.

Greetings! My name is Chloe Miller, I am an intuitive tarot reader. I had discovered my gift of clairsentience after a near death experience following an illness when I was 21, from then I have been able to assist many many people through my readings.

What I offer in my readings to you is honesty. I reveal both what I sense and what appears through the cards you select. I reveal not only the positive aspects of the reading but also the challenges ahead (should you have any) I can help you face these challenges and offer you spiritual guidance to assist you through these and help you on your spiritual journey.

My readings are performed in a quiet & peaceful environment at my beautiful new apartment in Mentone, Plenty of free street parking available.

Private In Person Readings $120 for 45-60 Minutes
Private In Person Readings 90 mins for $160 *SMS or email for further information.

To book an appointment please visit my website at www.chloemiller.com and click on the red book now button at the top of the page to select an available time slot. All other enquiries etc must be sent via SMS or email as I may be in a reading.

For Legal reasons I have to inform you that Tarot Readings are deemed as 'entertainment purposes only'. Tarot Readings serve only as a guide, with the intention of helping you to become more self-aware of your current circumstances.

I am not liable for what you do with this information.

You need to be over 18 to have a tarot reading.

Copyright @ 2011- 2018 Tarot Reading ... By Chloe Miller. All Rights Reserved. Tarot Reading
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Caroll Karolla

Hi my names Caroll I first meet Chloe a few years ago when I had my first reading with her...I have been to Chloe a few times for reading and every time she is so accurate. The first thing I want to say is; she is amazing... spot on with her prodictions... Chloe is a warm and has a lot empathy for her clients. She tells you want you need to know and guides you with what you want to know. I can’t thank Chloe enough for all of her guidance through my readings.. Such a beautiful soul. Xxxx

2 months AGO

Chloe has been very helpful towards me in the past year and up till now. Whenever I faced any issues in my life, especially when it comes to career and relationships, I also seek her help to understand the situation and to know what’s best to do and not to do for the situation. I always feel like things will get better and clearer after a reading with her. She gives really sound advice and solid look into the situation without much information from myself. I have always been grateful for her help in my life and glad that I made the choice to go see her last year for the first time although it’s a bit far from where I live. But it’s definitely worth the trip.

2 months AGO

This is a follow up from my review of Chloe almost a year ago. I have been seeing Chloe for a few years now, with my first reading with her in 2015. Chloe has always been very warm, kind and insightful everytime I've seen her for a reading. Chloe is accurate. Over the past few years, the things she has told me in my readings have always turned out to be correct, no matter how much I may doubt it when I first hear it from her. I am always amazed at how she can be so accurate. Chloe will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She's painfully honest but it is one of the many qualities I appreciate about her the most because her honesty has given me so much clarity and it has prevented me from making terrible decisions. Chloe is truly passionate about helping people and she radiates kindness and warmth. Chloe is far from judgmental. Going in for readings with her, I feel like I'm in a safe space where I can voice my concerns and problems to seek her ...read more

4 months AGO

I have been a loyal customer of Chloe for last 5 years up to now. Even when I was oversea, she still can help me through email reading. I am fascinated by her gift, as everything she has said to me becomes true. She is not only a Tarot reader but also my advisor and life coach. Whenver I come to see her, I don't need to talk about my situation, Chloe already knew what happened and gave me really thoughtful advice. She gave me more confidence to live oversea alone, give me more strengths do continue my job and pursue my dream. Therefore, I highly recommend for her to those who are still experiencing difficulties and trying to find a light out of the tunnel. She may be that light. Love.

Meliana O
6 months AGO

I have never had a tarot reading in the past and I never believe in such thing. However, upon reading a lot of positive reviews on truelocal, I thought I would give it a try as I was having a lot of issues in terms of career, family and also relationship. Chloe did a very accurate reading and I didn't quite get the grasp of her reading at first, but I was blown away when one by one became reality. I would truly recommend her to get accurate readings and she certainly can provide guidance to everyone who's having a lot of issues or at crossroads. Thank you so much Chloe and I am looking forward to my next appointment.


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