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Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy

Tea Leaf Readings With Karin. Tea With Karin

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VIC, 3806

Tea Leaf Readings With Karin. Tea With Karin

Tea Leaf Readings. Tea Card Readings. Lenormand card reading. Enjoy a cup of tea with Karin, relax & let your leaves tell your future. Totally different to Tarot Card Readings

Have you ever wondered where your future is going? Then book a session and join me in a very old form of divination. Whilst you drink your tea I read my award winning card system for you to look at all areas in your life.

Paste this link to your browser for online bookings, visit my website and click on book now. http://teawithkarin7264.setmore.com/

My name is Karin, I am a Tea Leaf Reader that uses the tea leaves left in the bottom of your teacup after you have drank it as a form of intuitive divination to see your future. Tea Leaf Reading is very similar to coffee cup reading just a different form of beverage that is being enjoyed by the person seeking information.

I am excited to bring to you my very own Tea Leaf Cards that I have designed and they are a wonderful visual tool when used for a tea reading. They are very good predictive cards that can give a whole host of information in many areas of your life. It's like looking at an interactive life map of your future.

Karin is a card designer and has won "best oracle deck" and "best judges choice" deck for 2019 as voted by The International Tarot Foundation. The Carta awards are like winning the Oscars for readers

Karin also developed an amazing range of fortune teller teacups which is a fun way of simple divination and makes for an unusual and well appreciated gift.

Tea reading is totally different to Tarot Card Readings

Gift Vouchers also available as a unique gift.

You may question, what if I don't drink tea? You don't have to be a tea drinker to have your teacup read. We still make the tea and transfer your energy to the tea cup and I will happily make you a coffee and we can then proceed to read your teacup.

Please text or email your inquiries as I am not always available by phone, particularly during a reading.

Please feel free to check out my Youtube Channel. :)

Where there is tea, there is love
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Annette Parsons
a year AGO

I had my tea leaves read with Karin this week. What a fun experience with a lovely lady. So much to look forward to in 2019. Thank you very much Karin, and thanks to Cindy for my birthday gift.

OVER a year AGO

I have had multiple readings with the lovely Karin over the years, she is such a warm, caring person and made me feel comfortable and welcome in her stunning reading room. From the moment I met Karin I felt a connection and felt that had known her for years. I was so surprised at how much she knew about me from the cards and the pictures in my tea and how accurate it all was. I tend to listen to my reading every 6 months and cannot believe how much has come true! My tea leaves were showing the letter “J” and was sitting close to coins, Karin suggested that an older male in my life, a ‘Father figure’ and is good with money will be there for me around the end of the year. At the time I was stumped and didn’t really think much of it but… 7-8 months later (around the end of the year) I have a light bulb moment… My Mum passed away a couple of months prior to visiting Karin which I was struggling with. I was struggling with the finalisation of Mums ...read more

OVER a year AGO

I have had 3 readings from Karin and found her to be genuine, caring & nurturing. I always leave feeling refocused and renenergised. Karin has been so accurate with so many things happening in my life at present and for the next year. I gave my daughter a reading for her birthday and Karin was again spot on with what was going on in her life at the time and for the next 12 months. I highly recommend Tea with Karin

OVER a year AGO

Karin is such a gem and a true talent at what she does! I began seeing her early in 2017 and had another session at the end of the year. I have been playing back my readings and I am still in absolute shock and amazed at how spot on Karin had been with what was going on in my life ( during the time of my readings) as well as the events she sensed would occur in the future. Fast forward several months, everything she had mentioned and foresaw, suddenly began to unravel in my life before my eyes, so organically! It's still happening and I still can't believe it! Huge news came to me yesterday which she accurately predicted( the time frame, and what the news would be). A reading with Karin is an experience is one which you won't believe it until you experience it for yourself! She is extremely accurate and detailed with her explanations. The first time I went to see Karin, was during a time I needed clarity in my life. My angels definitely let me to her, and I am so so ...read more

Tea With Karin®™
OVER a year AGO

Thank you so much Brit, it is YOU that is making the changes happen, I am just the messenger. Congratulations on the news from yesterday. I'm still smiling for you. :)


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