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Astrology, Spiritual & Genealogy

Tea Leaf Readings With Karin

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VIC, 3806

Tea Leaf Readings With Karin

Tea Leaf Readings. Tea Card Readings. Lenormand Card Readings. Enjoy a cup of tea with Karin, relax & let your leaves tell your future. Totally different to Tarot Card Readings

Welcome to Tea With Karin.

Have you ever wondered where your future is going? Then book a session and join me in a very old form of divination that first began in the 1600's in China. I'd love to meet with you and share a cup of tea, so book now.

Paste this link to your browser for online bookings or visit my website and click on book now. http://teawithkarin7264.setmore.com/

My name is Karin, I am a Tea Leaf Reader that uses the tea leaves left in the bottom of your teacup after you have drank it as a form of intuitive divination to see your future. Tea Leaf Reading is very similar to coffee cup reading just a different form of beverage that is being enjoyed by the person seeking information.

I am excited to bring to you my very own Tea Leaf Cards that I have designed and they are a wonderful visual tool when used for a tea reading. They are very good predictive cards that can give a whole host of information in many areas of your life. It's like looking at an interactive life map of your future.

Tea reading is totally different to Tarot Card Readings

Gift Vouchers also available as a unique gift.

You may question, what if I don't drink tea? You don't have to be a tea drinker to have your teacup read. We still make the tea and transfer your energy to the tea cup and I will happily make you a coffee and we can then proceed to read your teacup.

Please text or email your inquiries as I am not always available by phone, particularly during a reading.

Please feel free to check out my Youtube Channel. :)

'There is no trouble so great or so grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of
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a month AGO

Karin is a beautiful lady who genuinely cares about her clients. She impact wisedom and allows for direction with a soft touch. I have had 3 readings with her all of which i have felt contained a large degree of accruacy. Sometimes its hard to face the tough news/times but she has a kind heart that enjoys guiding people through challenges without sugar coating things. Her readings have been enlightening and accruate. I would recommend Karin to anyone who is looking for a genuine person with a talent. She is a lovely lady with a very kind heart.

Tea With Karin
a month AGO

Thank you so much honey, and congratulations on the new job. :) Love and light to you. xx

3 months AGO

Karin is such a gem and a true talent at what she does! I began seeing her early in 2017 and had another session at the end of the year. I have been playing back my readings and I am still in absolute shock and amazed at how spot on Karin had been with what was going on in my life ( during the time of my readings) as well as the events she sensed would occur in the future. Fast forward several months, everything she had mentioned and foresaw, suddenly began to unravel in my life before my eyes, so organically! It's still happening and I still can't believe it! Huge news came to me yesterday which she accurately predicted( the time frame, and what the news would be). A reading with Karin is an experience is one which you won't believe it until you experience it for yourself! She is extremely accurate and detailed with her explanations. The first time I went to see Karin, was during a time I needed clarity in my life. My angels definitely let me to her, and I am so so ...read more

Tea With Karin
3 months AGO

Thank you so much Brit, it is YOU that is making the changes happen, I am just the messenger. Congratulations on the news from yesterday. I'm still smiling for you. :) Karin xxx

Jade M
7 months AGO

I have seen Karin multiple times over the years, one of the things you notice when you first meet her is how friendly and welcoming she is. Karin makes you feel comfortable as if you were at home and allows you to open up in a safe environment. But then there is the reading which up until now the accurancy has been on point. I listen to my recordings every couple of months and still can't believe how accurate they are. Through my reading you identified my career path, my acceptance to university (I was accepted into my nursing degree) when I was unsure whether I would get in and my current realtionship. I'm still waiting for everything else we have discussed and going on previous readings have all come out the way you said they would. Usually the reason as for myself you have questions that are hard to answer on your own, I believe my cards and tea leaves have my answers. Karin Thank you for giving me clarity around circumstances in my life, you have allowed ...read more

Kate Bertram
7 months AGO

I've been to see Karin twice over 2 years. The last time was about 4 months ago, and today I decided to pull out the recording and listen again to refresh my memory. It's actually incredible how accurate Karin is with her readings. Even if at the time of my reading I was confused about some things, I can now see and reflect on the past few months with clarity. Karin, thank you profusely. I can't wait to see you again next year and continue to share my journey with you.

Tea With Karin
7 months AGO

Thank you so much Kate, so lovely to hear you are referring back to your information too. Thats the advantages of modern day technology we you can record it. Good to hear from you again. xx

9 months AGO

It was my first tea reading experience at the mbs Melbourne recommended by my friend. Karin warmth welcome and smile, make me felt at ease as soon as I sat down. She mentioned things on my mind and/or happening in my life, both good and not-so-good things that she reads from the tea leaves in my tea cup, fascinating!. She is definitely a gifted lady. It gave me a clearer picture and/or re-confirming my thoughts. Highly recommend for a genuine reading experience.


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