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Tesari Pty Ltd

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Tesari Pty Ltd

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4 months AGO

We have just had Needham air install a multi-split system in our 1940 built house. The guys that did the installation were brilliant. Arrived on time and kept the place clean and tidy as they went. Consulted with me regarding what was expected regarding locations of indoor and outdoor units. Demonstrated the controls when finished. The cost was very competitive and the units work beautifully.

OVER a year AGO

Had a 18year old Mitsubishi Electric ducted system installed by Needhamair removed (still running!) whilst doing a major renovation. Was going to replace the unit only to a current Inverter system as everything else was fine whilst I had the chance, and save on future running costs. With a child on the way the guys at Needhamair suggested a multi head system with a seperate mini ducted system for each bedroom allowing doors to be shut and individual temperature control. Was a fair bit more but after many meetings and demonstrations I went with it and after a summer and now winter I would like to thank you guys for spending the time to show me the difference, it works a treat and we are all sleeping! and my Elec bill has come down a couple of hundred over the last 10 months. Will do the service shortly ?? thanks for the reminder.

OVER 2 years AGO

We have a large house in which the aircon never worked properly since the original off the plan build. The guys at Needham Air removed a heap of redundant ducting and its worked a treat since without having to upgrade anything else. Cheers

Brooke Walters
OVER 2 years AGO

Thank you Needham Air for our new ducted air Conditioning system. From the word go your advice on system layout designs, options on units and more importantly on reducing energy/running costs has already paid off. The showroom really helped in making our decision as you clearly demonstrated how serious you are about air conditioning. Having a large home we needed the right unit with the right amount of zones. Best of all you wouldn’t even know that our system is on, that’s how quiet it is. Thank you to Paul and the team at Needham Air.

OVER 2 years AGO

I had a ducted and split system installed by Needhamair in 2016. Basically they tried to charged several variations and stuffed everything up (despite visiting my home for a measure and quote).

At the time I contact and raise by concern / complain with their Project Manager, General Manger and Owner, but they basically could not have cared less.

The end of the story is that I now have a air-conditioning system that doesn't work for the upstairs part of my home. I was told I could either have an ...read more

Tesari Pty Ltd
OVER 2 years AGO

Hi JoeS76,

It was disappointing to see this review appear on Truelocal this morning.

This was a difficult job. In particular,relating to both your lathe and plaster ceilings and roof tiles being in extremely poor condition, the roof space being incredibly tight, and in several places having the existing evaporative ductwork simply inaccessible. This meant that each and every step of the process had to be handled carefully and professionally.

It must be said that Needhamair was hesitant to accept your job to begin with. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to difficult jobs, and our paperwork and contracts are as transparent and detailed as possible to ensure that any issues that may occur can be resolved quickly and professionally. This becomes a challenge when we see clients who dramatically fluctuate from conversation to conversation, and who appear to change their mind to suit their own ends.

Tesari Pty Ltd
OVER 2 years AGO

Unfortunately, none of our efforts to inform or advise you appear to have had effect. Despite being repeatedly spoken to about the difficulties and potential solutions as they arose, your attitude seemed to oscillate between total disinterest and manic anger. Our staff handled this as professionally as possible, and Needhamair even provided additional works (outside of the contract scope) at no charge to satisfy your demands.

In hindsight, Needhamair is satisfied that we were able to provide you with the best solution possible – on reviewing our commissioning records, we note that the air balance report matches the design criteria perfectly. We are extremely disappointed that you would choose to insult the efforts our team has made, more than 12 months after the system was commissioned, and well after we had met all of your demands.

Tesari Pty Ltd
OVER 2 years AGO

We can only assume that this outburst has been triggered by our invitation to have your unit serviced as per manufacturer recommendations. (To ensure that this does not happen again, we have removed you from our reminder system).

We are saddened that you are choosing to further your complaints publicly. Should you wish to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and privately.

Needhamair wishes you well, and trusts that your new A/C units serve your needs into the future. However, we would advise that should you choose to undertake future renovation works, that you engage much more soberly and seriously with the process required to achieve a successful outcome.

OVER 2 years AGO

Needhamair HAC, thank you for your comments. It is truly a shame Needhamair was not this interested in discussing my concerns during the installation of my air-conditioning system.

I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with me sharing my experience with Needhamir. I can assure you that I was also extremely disappointed when we had family stay at our house the other day, and how they would either freeze upstairs and we would boil down stairs or visa versa. This is despite all the rooms with the air-conditioning on having sensor in them. Your assumptions and statements are a clear example of my experience with Needhamiar.

I would hope Needhamir would be able to grow and learn from my disappointing expereince, but from your comments and other customer reviews you do not seem to be able to deal with or communicate with customers in a professional way.