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Fabric Stores

Tricia's Discount Fabrics

6 Reviews

11-13 Price St

Melrose Park, SA, 5039

Tricia's Discount Fabrics

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(08) 8177 1041
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OVER 6 years AGO

I love Tricias Discount fabrics ,Tricia is very helpful and always has heaps of lovely fabrics to chose from .I agree the warehouse is hard if you have kids ,but its simple it is a warehouse full of fabrics , simple don't take the kids have hubby look after them and enjoy your visit at tricias .I have to disagree with comments made about tricia being rude to people with kids ,I have taken my baby in heaps of time and its never been a problem .Keep up the good work Tricia :) :) :)

Claire Bou
OVER 7 years AGO

I have been a regular shopper at Tricia's and have taken friends there. You would be hard pressed to find another shop with such a diverse range and choice of fabrics. Tricia has a good eye and often helped to match fabrics for me. Although I sometimes disagree she usually turns out to be right.

She is direct, honest and helpful. What more can you ask for.

OVER 7 years AGO

After reading the reviews on here, i had decided to go visit Tricias Store. I have just started quilting and to my amazement of the amount of fabrics she has was fantastic.The service was excellent and i had no problems with my children. So these 2 bad reviews i dont think you know what you were talking about and maybe you should go visit another fabric store and see if it is any better.

OVER 8 years AGO

I went in there yesterday morning. What a delightful hand written sign welcoming about shoplifting and karma, it really set the tone.. I asked her three times for service, yes I needed help I had a toddler with me. She barely managed a hello. After I let my toddler destroy her shop as I struggled to find anything due to no service. (yes she happily assisted other lady's down the isle) she had the nerve to suggest I pack away some cotton my child moved. I told her thanks sooooo much for your service you were realy helpful. I actually let her ruin my afternoon, what a waste of time when I had such high hopes . Also she has no idea about fabrics. I'm surprised she sells a thing and is in business

OVER 7 years AGO

Read Pookie123's review and got quite a shock at the comments - it's a fabulous place for fabrics - 100's of them and Trish knows what she is talking about and is very helpful-I've never had any problems with the service- wouldn't take the review of this too seriously

OVER 8 years AGO

I went in there this morning with my 2 small children. My kids are well behaved as far as kids under 3 go (I'm quite strict) yet I was getting the hurry along from the management. At one stage they said 'is there actually anything I can help you with or are you just wandering?' I have a fairly small pram but couldn't get it around the aisles! then to top it off, when I went to the counter they bumped me up ahead of someone else to 'get me out quicker'. Someone who was at the counter with had the nerve to say 'this really isn't the place for children' and at that point I nearly burst into tears!


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