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OVER 2 years AGO

I point out to prospective users of this site the following.
I submitted a review about a business.
The following day, I attempted to retract it.
Users of this service should be aware of the risk of litigiation from mak8ng statements about others on social media.
I requested 3 times for True Local to remove my review, but they refused.

Using True Local is a risk.
Others posting anything with this service should understand that this business does not act reasonably when dealing with its contributors.

OVER 2 years AGO

I was a client for 10 years I recently canceled as they would not remove a fake review,since they have been taken over by new owners this company no longer cares about anything other than ?? cash,they didn’t Evan ask why I was leaving and also had the nerve to charge me for another month never again RIP OFF

Ryan tupek
OVER 2 years AGO

True local dont seem to stick to there own criteria, I had two bad reveiws and have mentioned to them that one is from a disgrunteled ex employee and another is from the daughter of a customer who dosnt have all the facts, I have asked for a reveiw and return phone calls and they havnt done that either. I have been pushing hard to get my reveiws up and have now had two customers put great reveiws on which have both been rejected by true local, Not sure who is running this show but seems they dont seem have any form of making sure reveiws are correct, Seems any one can write any thing they like with out any facts

Grant P.
OVER 2 years AGO

Yesterday, I spent 20 minutes attemptimg to leave a positive review of my first-time experience of a local medical centre. Too much Red Tape, True Local. Cross-checks and verifications finally negotiated, I was able to log in . . . I left my review, and checked the website of the medical centre today : my review is NOT THERE ! Too much trouble for me to consider trying it again. Sorry, Gateway Medical Centre; brickbats to you, True Local.

John Rice
OVER 3 years AGO

Yep what every you do dont join Truelocal. Even when it is legitimate they dont put it up...but when it is bad they love it. You can not take anything down once you join so that is pretty bad service.


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