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Still have Pain? Headaches? Anxiety? ... Bowen Therapy can help!

Bowen Therapy is an internationally recognised form of physical therapy that acts upon the fascia(covering of the muscles) and nervous system to provide relief from musculoskeletal and neurological pain.

A Bowen treatment involves a series of short, gentle physical therapy moves applied alongside the spine and at very specific points on the body. Each set of moves is interspersed with crucial pauses to allow the body time to respond to the treatment.

Bowen Therapy is so effective that in some circumstances only a few treatments may be required to resolve acute pain. For acute conditions, once the pain has subsided, ongoing treatments are typically not required unless re-injury occurs.

Conditions that respond very well include:

- acute and chronic muscular or neurological pain
- tension headaches
- migraines
- back & neck pain or tension
- pelvic pain & menstrual pain
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- pain & nausea during pregnancy
- sciatica
- chronic fatigue syndrome
- fibromyalgia
- stress disorders
- shin splints
- whiplash
- stroke
- arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
- TMJ syndrome/jaw pain & sinus issues
- shoulder pain (including frozen shoulder)
- leg, knee, ankle and foot pain (including plantar fascitis)
- emotional depression and stress
- respiratory & asthma complaints
- digestive problems
- sporting and other trauma injuries
- hyperactive disorder & learning difficulties
- inflexibility, stiff joints & reduced mobiity
- unexplained pain and discomfort

Your Bowen Therapist, Jane Varvel, is also a university qualified exercise physiologist, a yoga instructor and hypnotherapist. Jane is passionate about helping people to feel much better, more relaxed and more alive in their body again.

Call Jane NOW to discuss how Bowen Therapy can help you.

Other services available:
Relaxation and Stress Release
Private Yoga Instruction more

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OVER 13 years AGO

If you are unaware of what Bowen therapy is or its benefits then you are much like myself one month ago. Imagine life free of chronic pain and natural healing from injury. Jane introduced me to Bowen and now 2 sessions later I feel like I have discovered a hidden secret that I want to tell the world about. I have suffered from chronic headaches my more

OVER 13 years AGO

With her high level of expertise and wealth of experience in the wellness industry, Jane has created a little piece of welcome tranquility with her private studio in the trendy Kirribilli area of central Sydney. The waterfront location is the perfect place to unwind and de-stress with a personalised yoga session - or one of the many other body balancing more

OVER 13 years AGO

Jane has started me on a very worthwhile , satisfying , personal & challenging yoga training program which is a welcome change from the usual busy gym environment.I am enjoying every minute! The personal service & great studio is a welcome alternative to the usual PT. Her holistic approach has made significant impact on my approach to more

OVER 13 years AGO

Amazing! I have been training for years, but Jane has just introduced me to yoga and the joy of functional fitness... needless to say I am converted and the benefits have been clearly noticeable! Everything has been tailored to my specific goals and lifestyle which has made it so much more enjoyable. She also has plenty of crazy adventure travel stories that more


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