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Pet Shops

Turner's Petmart

4 Reviews

670 Richmond Rd

Glendenning, NSW, 2761

Turner's Petmart

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(02) 9626 8485
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Gouldian finch
OVER 2 years AGO

I have been customer of Turner pet store at Glendenning for 10 years and unfortunatelly product and customer service has changed for worst.
They sell Finch seed bags containing moth or whatever maggots in it or canary mix in finch bags (you must buy product in original supplier packaging if you want to keep from bad experience). If you bring product back it would be replaced but they will not make you feel that you are right, you are questioned and labeled as you don't know what you talk about. I have been breeding finches and I know what bad mix of seeds can make to your birds while in full breeding season.

Similar situation happen when I bought cheaper brand dog lice drops, product worked for only one week, I asked them and they tell me that I don't know ...read more

OVER 5 years AGO

Customer service is non-existent. Every time I've been there all the workers were sitting down and I've had to approach them behind the counter to get assistance. I had asked them to order something in and they told me they'd call me when it arrived. They highlighted my name and number in a book and still they hadn't called me. I found out it had arrived days ago when I finally took the initiative to call myself. I went to the store to pick it up but they hadn't unpacked anything yet. I looked around the store and there was not one person in there so maybe they could have started unpacking. They put a giant asterisk next to my name and said they'll call me when they finally unload stock. I imagine they never check the book and I'm still awaiting that call. The worst part is it's the only place I can get the product I need from so they get a star for that.

OVER 7 years AGO

Love the products the warehouse sells... customer service is like "what customer service?" I have gone in there twice now since purchasing my new Labby and both times I have been remarkably disappointed with the staff, they seriously need to lift their game. It's been no surprise the two times I've been in there.. there were no customers around. I walked in the shop searching around and not one staff came near me, I didn't even get any acknowledgement that I had walk in. There was two staff members behind the counter, one was actually eating breakfast and drinking coffee right there at the counter.. Anyone in retail knows eating at the counter is unprofessional and an absolute no-no, the couple of times I did go to the counter staff was still stuffing the face. I did eventually have one staff approach me sometime later but it was on their way to the counter, that staff was helpful however seemed impatient to get away as at the end staff said "well I'll leave it with ...read more

OVER 9 years AGO

For a nice big pet shop in a great location, with lots of good product, their customer service really lets them down big time in my opinion. Today a person served me without once saying hello or indeed even looking up.. they were far too busy asking their colleague to buy them hot chips - in fact they said $11.45 in the same sentence as asking for the chips, handed me the change and walked away to continue their conversation... I am pretty sure I could have stripped naked and they wouldnt have even noticed! I went there once before and they weren't very friendly but this time to not even exist was really annoying..


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