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Computers Retailers

Umart Online

32 Reviews

28 Douglas St

Milton, QLD, 4064

Umart Online

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OVER a year AGO

I have used Umart for a few years now and ordered multiple systems as well as parts from them and generally never have an issue. I order online and pick up when it tells me. Only time I had a slight problem was when their system told me it was ready and the payments had not cleared. Annoying as time wasted but not a big deal over all. I use them for personal and business.

OVER a year AGO

I have been a loyal customer of Umarts for over 10 years with my first order being placed on the 13.02.2009.

Since then, through my own companies and other comnpanies that I have worked with, we have brought hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars worth or equipment that we either used ourselves or re-sold.

We always used Umart becuase their customer service was prompt and we were able to call up their call centre in Milton and get really personal and ...read more

D Rich
OVER a year AGO

Pretty terrible customer service...besides all the staff having an attitude like comicbook guy out of the simpsons their return policy is a joke. Be super super carefeul what you buy from these guys. Their happy to sell absolutely sub par products and then if you try and return it all in it's original packaging undamaged etc they sting you with a 20% fee. Not an issue if it is something small but any item of a couple of hundred it starts add up.

OVER a year AGO

I ordered a complete system for my business from Umart on the 25th of June 2018, which at the time of purchase all items where available. After a week of waiting i get an email saying the video AMD card was not in stock so they offed me a Nvidia card at the same price witch was also not not compatible with the FreeSync monitors i ordered, I agreed. I received my order on the 20th of September buy now the parts have dropped in price and some have even be discontinued. When i went to build the system on the 24th I noticed there was no GPU so i called Umart, and was told to take photos of the items and send to there support team, on the 26th I called as they still had yet to respond to my email. after a few hrs back and forth from supervises I got to talk to a manager. and they offered me an different AMD GPU witch was $30 more but with a $9 discount and free shipping as they seam to think they completed the order and it was up to me to pay the shipping. I'm ...read more

OVER a year AGO

Placed order took money instantly Promised dispatch within 24hrs. Rang and checked parcel was dispatched next day as paid for express delivery. Was told parcel was sent on Friday afternoon and would receive a tracking number soon. No tracking number came. Emailed support several times for clarification, no replies by Monday lunchtime. Rang business to be told parcel was leaving that afternoon. Cancelled order and was told would receive refund that instantly. No refund forthcoming. Rang back and told refunds take 24hrs, asked them to double check then told then to recheck and give me a ETA. Was told 24-48 hours. Spoke to "Manager" Arthur to try and expedite refund as I need the funds to get the equipment elsewhere. Seems customer service is not a major priority and now my schedule has been knocked back a week.
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