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Urban Deli

3 Reviews

Shop 8, 121 Exhibition St

Melbourne, VIC, 3004

Urban Deli

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(03) 9662 9003
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local star
341 Reviews
OVER 5 years AGO

There is a great selection of food here for both breakfast and lunch - all fresh, a very good range of salads that changes daily, hot food and made-to-order sandwiches/rolls/wraps. It's pretty busy, so they don't waste much time - but they're very friendly and responsive, so you'll get what you ask for which is great. A particular favourite of mine is the Pickled Vegetable Salad - it's divine and it is sometimes enhanced with Calamari - even better. Another good one is the Pumpkin and Chick Pea salad, but there are several. I have had some lovely wraps too. The seating is varied too - choose from outdoors or indoors, lower level or upper. Best for business meetings is upstairs I'd say, out of the busy-ness. Good coffee too - thank you.

OVER 6 years AGO

I work in the building above this cafe so commonly stop by for coffee. The coffee is consistent which is hard to come by in Melbourne. I find myself going places and it's either fantastic the first time, mediocre the second and burnt by the third visit. At least i know what i'm getting by going to Urban Deli for coffee. There are a few staff members who have worked there for the years i've been working upstairs who are absolutely delightful, always energetic and friendly. They also have staffs who are okay, one particularly not so pleasant and never looks happy, the other is nice enough and at least cracks a smile. The prices are quite high in comparison to other places, i think it's popularity is based more on it's convenience. I used to get breakfast here but found whenever i ordered something toasted it was almost ALWAYS burnt. Half the time i don't understand how they can serve something like that, especially for the price but lunches (sandwiches, lasagne, soup) are ...read more

OVER 8 years AGO

So heres my morning caf checklist. Good, strong, quick & tasty coffee. A nice quiet space if youre eating in. Food prepared quickly, with little fuss. Well priced. Happy staff that dont appear as tired as you do. It doesnt seem like too much to ask for, but within the Melbourne CBD, I often find this lacking. Coffees that are too weak or too hot or cold. Staff that look at you like they couldnt care less. For me, sadly, this is commonplace circa 8AM Melbourne weekdays. Enter Urban Deli. This ticks all my boxes. It does it well. Urban Deli isnt a coffee or breakfast lovers Mecca but everything it does, it does it well. There are ample breakfast choices available. They dont break the bank. Apparently, based on my two visits, if youre a semi regular, theyll get to know your name & your coffee of choice. Happy people greeting you in the morning, knowing what you want so only an audible grunt is required to place your order...Sounds great to me!


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