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Pet Training

Urban Dog Training

41 Reviews

Carina State School, 1413 Creek Rd

Carindale, QLD, 4152

Urban Dog Training

Having problems with your canine family member? We can help!

We offer private tuition, group classes or a combination of both to help you and your dog live together in harmony. Our methods are dog friendly, people friendly, easy to apply and based on the latest research. Group classes held in Carindale. Enrol online or contact us for more info!

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Petra Leigh
OVER a year AGO

Really disappointed with my experience. I found the trainer very condescending to the point of mocking towards the class. She would ask you to share your puppy experiences at home and then when there was behaviour she didn't agree with she would make fun of you and tell you to and I quote "use your primate brain". When you go to someone for help (and pay for the trouble) the last thing you expect to experience is to be made fun of. I did pass on this feedback privately in the attempt to assist their staff training so that no one else was embarrassed or mocked the way that I was and I was told I would have a response by last Wednesday but I'm still waiting. So I wanted to share my experience in the hopes that I can prevent others from experiencing what I have. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere, where customers are treated with respect and feedback is taken on board and replied to.

OVER 2 years AGO

My cheeky Flat-coated Retriever - Raffy- has just completed the Urban Basics course. I have done previous training with other dogs at the RSPCA and other private trainers and Urban Dog training has been the best! We had Danielle as our trainer and she makes it so fun, she has a wicked sense of humour and a real knack for explaining dog behaviour in people terms. Raffy was separated in our first week because she was jumping (‘acting like a lunatic!’), barking, and chewing on her leash (mild aggression/frustration). A few weeks in she was calm and happy to lie down and relax before class, it’s amazing! She focuses on me now, not all the distractions in class and has much better impulse control. We have been doing the homework and Raffy has been picking up all the activities really quick. We will likely be back to do some more courses with the team! Can’t recommend enough!

OVER 4 years AGO

Friendly staff who seem to understand dogs but their training methods did not suit us and our dog. While it may suit the average domestic family dog breed it did not help us with our working dog. Find someone who completely understands your dog's breed - it makes alot more sense. I found an amazing trainer Kelly from Barkbusters who is amazing with cattle dogs, kelpies and German Shepherds (just to name a few)

OVER 5 years AGO

I don't rate this organisation well at all. I turned up for the orientation 5 minutes early. Absolute confusion reigns at Carindale school, puppies and people running around everywhere, no sign of where the orientation class was - signs would help! I walked around looking and asked a few people, finally someone said it was "down there somewhere". I finally found the classroom along with someone else, on time, to the minute, of scheduled start time. It looked like the class was already underway. The teacher came out to the door and opened it, saying "oooooh" in a lecturing manner as though we were late and he was deciding whether to let us in or not. Like we were naughty school children! Give me a break! I left school 30 years ago! And we were on the dot on time! Then they pounced on me and yelled "NO!" YOU can't come in - OPEN TOED SHOES!" with great glee - they have found something to remonstrate me for! By this time the whole room was of course ...read more

OVER 6 years AGO

I would definitely recommend Urban Dog Training to anybody who is interested in understanding and improving their dog's behaviour. We are doing our third class at the moment. I have found that the trainers are all very easy to deal with, and they have been very accommodating in answering any questions we have. Polly looks forward to training every week. Thank you :)


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