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Vale's Pizza Bar

6 Reviews

Unit 5/ 112 Main Rd

Mclaren Vale, SA, 5171

Vale's Pizza Bar

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(08) 8323 8525
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Jose Conrad
OVER 7 years AGO

Pizza was so bad we went elsewhere and it was an improvement. Paid $43.50 for a family size, sloppily made, half assed P.O.S (Pizza of Shifty quality) that actually had to be pried off the bottom of the box after we got home. Complete waste of money and time considering most of it is going to end up in the bin, not going there again.

OVER 7 years AGO

Not too sure about this place.. The price is too high for what I feel is a lowered level of quality. And it does seem sloppy mixing the toppings up... we had random pieces of pineapple strewn over a meat lovers pizza for some reason. Given the amount charged, I expect higher quality, and I don't think we will be going there again.

OVER 7 years AGO

we love the gourmet pizzas! they are so much more than the "regular" pizza shops that every one's heard and knows about. Remember you are what you eat - and these reflect the health-ier option. they use good quality products on their food as well. compared to the fatty greasy you can get at other pizza shops.

the service is friendly, and every time we have been we've always been happy!

OVER 10 years AGO

We've been very happy customers of Vale Pizza since 1999. For not only their pizzas, but all their range of Take away.
I do believe that the Butterfish and chips are THE best around for value and taste.
And the Lamb Yiros with garlic sauce and salad is devine.
While they are not the cheapest value in regards to other pizza parlours, they DO make up for it in quality and taste. I cannot/have not found a better pizza anywhere else. They do not make processed/tasteless Pizza chain pizzas.
We normally go for a takeaway special on a Tuesday night, as it's their "2 FOR 1" Pizza night special.
On the very rare occassion that we have had something that's not been up to scratch, we were given a voucher to use at another time.
If you don't let them know about any problems, tell them... how will they fix it if they do not know?
Great food, great service.

OVER 10 years AGO

This would have to be my favorite pizza bar down south of Adelaide. The staff are friendly and helpful. Looking at the menu there is a huge range of pizzas to choose from, with vegetarian options and plenty to eat if you like your food spicy, plain or covered in meat. I have not tried all the pizzas, the crust is nice and thin, but it is amazingly good. The pizzas are of coarse well above average in terms of taste and are addictive. There is also very fast delivery and over the counter service. The main thing that irritates me is the exorbitant price! Delivery is not paticularly good value, as it costs about 5-7 dollars, even if you live down the road, and worst still the pizza needs to heated up in the oven! But it is all worth when that pizza is in your mouth and you are practically drooling with pleasure. I would definitely recommend this for a very special occasion, perhaps not a regular Friday night feast.


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