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Pet Training

Vet Behaviour Team

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Russell Lea

NSW, 2046

Russell Lea,

NSW, 2046

Vet Behaviour Team

Kindness + Science. The Best of Both Worlds. The carrot not the stick.

If you are thinking your pet has a behavioural problem, then it very likely does and we are here to help with one on one house call consultations.

Animals express emotional problems in many different ways, if your pet is exhibiting any of the following symptoms consider contacting us. We look for the underlying cause of the behaviour and determine the best management plan for you and your furry loved one:

- Excessive barking or meowing

- Aggression towards humans or other animals

- Urinating or defecating outside normal areas (i.e. outside the litter tray or inside the home)

- Destructiveness

- Escape artists

- Distress when left alone

- Hyperactivity or depression

- Night time vocalisation, pacing, restlessness

- Shyness, timidity and lack of confidence

- Distress during storms and fireworks

- Puppy School flunks (this is often one of the earliest signs that your dog needs help)

- Dogs with learning difficulties that don't respond to training

- Rescue dogs not settling into their new homes

- Tail chasing, spinning, light chasing, or fly chasing

- Overgrooming

- Mounting behaviour directed towards people, animals or objects when the animal is desexed

The Vet Behaviour Team consists of Dr Heather Chee and Dr Amanda Cole. We have both completed our Memberships in Veterinary Behavioural Medicine whilst working as regular veterinarians.

So what does that mean? In the human sense, it means we are like your GP and Psychiatrist rolled into one. We know all about your animal's body and how it is intimately linked to its mind. As VBT is all about behaviour, we will let your own GP vet take care of all your animals physical needs, whilst we take care of its emotional ones.

Mental disease has a crippling effect on an animal and their human families. The Vet Behaviour Team helps families and their pets to remain united, happy and healthy for as long as
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