Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics

7 Reviews
(07) 3878 5590

Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, Level 6, 318 Moggill Rd

Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068

Indooroopilly Shoppingtown, Level 6, 318 Moggill Rd

Indooroopilly, QLD, 4068

Walk Without Pain Podiatry Clinics

Walk Without Pain !

7 accredited full-time podiatrists. 4 central locations.Together we draw on more than 90 years of experience, 200 hours of extra development and training per year and well over 500,000 feet examined. If you've suffer from it, we have seen it and fixed it before. Walk Without Pain!

We are about: Foot pain, foot joint pain, podiatrist, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, orthotics, orthoses, orthotic, pronation, orthosis, heel pain, heel spurs, Sever's disease, foot arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, shin splints, compartment syndrome, podiatry,tibial dysfunction, tibial incompetence, Cchiropodist,harcot's foot, night pain, Charcot Marie Tooth disease of the foot, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, nerve impingement in the foot, numbness of the foot, tarsal tunnel disease, growing pains, leg pains, sciatica, trochanteric bursitis, iliotibial band syndrome, numb feet, ITB syndrome, buttock pain, knee pain, patellofemoral pain, chondromalacia patella, leg length difference, lateral tracking patella, lower back pain, sacroiliac joint pain, limb length discrepency, uneven leg length, hallux valgus, sub-scapular pain, aching feet, bunions, HAV, hallux limitus, ankle sprains, pigeon toe, intoeing, aching feet, aching legs, pain when standing, injury, injuries, foot strains
Dermatological: Ingrown toenails, wounds, fungal toenails, corns, callus, callous, calluses, callouses, ulcers,painful toenails,
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Nuria N
OVER 3 years AGO

I have been having pain in the past 6 months in my feet and back but since I visited this clinic my problem has disappeared. Thanks of Stephanie who solved it with a very good treatment.On arrival I was very welcomed and Stephanie listened at me and asked me many differents questions related with my problem. She explained me very well what was the cause of my problem. First she taped my foot and told me to come back in a week to see me again. That week my life changed, I could do everything that I wanted after long time suffering. I decided to go ahead with a permanent treatment, which was some orthotics devices. I was a little bit concerned about the price but, she explained the variety and economical orthotic devices and thanks of that I could afford them. I use them for my daily life and the improvement is ...read more

OVER 5 years AGO

For years I’ve dealt with foot and leg pain. Furthermore, I have spent thousands on a variety of treatments, from physiotherapy, remedial massage, sports physicians, neurologists and even orthopedic surgeons – none of which could permanently cure my ailments and even more frustratingly, explain why I was in pain at all.

I dismissed the use of orthotics years ago as well, having actually tried 2 different sets of orthotics from 2 well known Brisbane-based physiotherapy clinics that also failed to provide any long-term ...read more

OVER 4 years AGO

Hi Charlie,

Just wondering how your orthotics are going and if you have continued improvement. I have had right hip and left ITB pain for around 5 years now and visited countless therapists and clinicians. Wondering if this is my next step?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

OVER 6 years AGO

I would recommend this clinic to everyone. They have exceptional service, great team, a pleasure to deal with. I am happy with the treatment they gave me and It has relieved my knee pain and enabled me to get back into running.

OVER 6 years AGO

Ive been going to this clinic for a number of years. Im always happy with the treatment and service. I also take my aged mum with a bit of dementia there and the girls are lovely to her. Last week I took my young son who had heel pain playing soccer and again they were fantastic, he is already 90% better.

OVER 6 years AGO

I went to this podiatry clinic for arch pain. They are very friendly and took the time to explain all my options to me. I'm pleased to say I am now totally pain free! The other great thing is that they are located in Indooroopilly shopping town so it is super convenient.


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